Women’s new relationship to fashion

Women’s relationship to fashion a very special relationship, and their relationship with fashion is not just a bad mood trying to be improved by Vtendf for purchase, the woman accused of always and never the inherent weakness toward the purchase, even if it were not need to buy, but that there is a disease studies conducted around him, registered in the name of women’s obsession is Alhobnj.
The rule that all women know that behind every woman obsessed with buying a complex psychological story .. pair also obsessed with himself or his work or even Balblaa Playstation or playing dominoes on the coffee.
Thread may seem simple or even naive to some, but it is not, if we think of the serious reading of the subject away from the fashion craze or beauty obsession or summer new models or Givenchy collection for Fall 2013.
Do we think of the wonder that was the fashion for the benefit of women , or against it ?
Is she the fashion for women , or taken them? Was the reason for the acquisition of more freedoms and express themselves? Or the cause of the suppressed and adapt?
Our relationship as we wear what we wear and what we pass it for ourselves .. Is it just a taste or a coincidence or is it self – expression and social conflict identities of pay for women in often?
Certainly .. fashion is not just a fashion, not just art or a global industry, it is a social culture is determined on the basis of the lives and destinies of peoples, especially women.
So women are not related to fashion, but man ‘s relationship to the body or uniform and body.
D.samah Kadri sociology professor at Ain Shams University, has a very important study in this field entitled uniforms and the body says:
Fashion is not only the art and industry . It is a social phenomenon and one of the most important social components of the system and the system of work in the communities, as they are subject to social where the changes, and play a role in shaping the image of the social body. Across the decades – long learners go about following question:
Is fashion for women check fun and meet the desire for women to express themselves? Or is it a reflection of the desire of communities in the subordination of women and control? In other words: Is fashion a way in which women ‘s desire to move the renewal and the need for change or is it a way to approve the psychological and the social and religious men and women and is sometimes a source of conflict?
In order clearer idea says D.samah my fate: in today ‘s world have become identities are formed and evaluated on the basis of external appearance, so many researchers believe that fashion or the fashion industry did not serve the rights , but increased the misery and they betrayed the human body and the desecration of the human person, Vmodh although it has sought to achieve differentiation, they deprived the rights of this differentiation , which sought for, and therefore did not achieve its goal, but it turned into a monster Jabbar and fire eat up all around them, they also made marketing personal, man has become the practice of the same as a commodity or a peg of view without real interaction.
Our relationship attire
at the beginning of man ‘s relationship attire was designed as a functional, meaning that if human hair cold dressed protect him from the cold, and if he felt too hot loosen his clothes, and it was all the people of his specific code or what is known as the popular attire, this costume drawers in the base of his circumstances environmental, meaning that with hot climates peoples will find that the tissue type they have different peoples a cold nature in Egypt , for example , Cannon fashion Egyptians made of linen and cotton to fit their nature.
Today is no longer our relationship attire functional relationship, do not wear clothes to perform a physical function, and we have no relationship with the atmosphere or the circumstances, we find the clothes no longer fit the nature of our climate at all, we find Chinese polyester fabrics and tissue manufacturer regardless of the need for our bodies.
What do you say about us clothes?
Poet Iraqi critic Alrahalhnazik Angels have famously expressive: it may seem at first glance, that the uniform external display is not linked to the depths of the human, but I’m not a supporter of this doctrine, but was convicted of that every aspect of human life is linked to Besmam soul, life is interconnected uniform is indivisible .
She says the great poet: Women think that something adornments virtual does not affect her mind, they can be free despite Amaanha in elegance, which is wrong in this, every action by human intellectual spiritual effects far – reaching. Our actions affect our minds and our souls and re – formulated, if not the mind controls our behavior, our behavior in our mind control.
Because the choice of clothes kind of human behavior, it is linked to a person ‘s ideas and beliefs, to link the behavior of ideas, Vozuguena and methods and ethics reflect our attitudes, so the social values stabilize underneath.
Is fashion has become a tool to harness the mind and cancel the feelings?
German philosopher Herbert Marcuse asks in one of his books:
Is about a monster of human – to – human fashion a one-dimensional? .. A man without an identity, in breach of his emotions, poor in human relations, market puppet controlled by deception from the cradle to the grave?
Some scholars said that the human body has become lacks intimacy with the clothes, and tight shoes lead to the natural equilibrium of the body disorder, and features ornamental become arbitrary and more desecration of the body and deportation him for his humanity and nature and his nature, and it has created a state of anxiety and tension in the human body.
Says Dr. Ahmed Zayed Professor big meeting at Cairo University that fashion human made more attracted towards the outside and are more interested in the external appearances, led by the sensory pleasures of the flesh – related.
Fashion and succeeded in making the idea of preserving the body a condition for social acceptance, also linked between the outer appearance and the ability to self – expression .. That is, they succeeded in turning the idea of beauty and thrill of being a value to the material value.
Feminist movements in the world considered that fashion inflicted Women significant damage was backed up and did not pay it forward, but hurt them represented by a negative representation on the grounds that the woman ‘s body has become a great template to gaze guy doing, and it became her body bears the responsibility for the supply and representation of variables and constants of traditional and modern culture, they touched the beauty industry and associated visual symbolism to the woman ‘s body, Add to that conflict idyllic images of women and the target image in the media enshrined in the media and made a woman ‘s body a group of members that can be used to feed the monster fashion.
Some writers , such as Germaine Greer, one of the leading feminist writers said that it was not femininity in something it is stripping women of femininity, though women other societies is communities Gharbah- especially in traditional Mahafezh- communities Dfn price of freedom obtained by Western women as promotes other, thanks to the fashion industry and fashion are involved in the triangle negatively impacted on women consists Dilaah others from control and violence against women, and that the fashion industry was the cause in some communities to develop religious controls the body as a reaction to a monster fashion and the struggle to survive against globalization , which is seeking its fashion and problematic assertion Ali identity.
This conflict pushed the price of women in traditional societies maintain Absolutely.
Cites D.samah Qadri in studying the experience of Iranian women with fashion from the book of the Iranian Afsaneh Ndjembadi, Valashkalah where women took place in the communities in the province was the modern problematic but decent, and this duality was the cause of cultural, moral, social and political that hit the community before the Iranian revolution of Hezoverina, since the border between modernity and decency fluid, leaving women in the skeptical position is not always clear that only in the case of the border crossed, it becomes Outlaws them outcasts from society.
When came the Iranian revolution , Iranian women understand that it does not exist in the new building to the community , but to wear the veil and the Islamic dress code Kamikanezm defensive to eliminate everything that might be considered within the heritage of the past corrupt, where the veil is described as a protective shield that turns women without it to corrupt object .. There were women again , in the trendy and modesty bilateral and again paid the price.
Egyptian women ‘s clothing and identity conflict
in Egypt wear women ‘s highly problematic to express their identity and the type of state in which we live.
D.samah in the study , we find four types of costumes worn by Egyptian
First: robe , which represents poor candied everyday life the most common and widespread in the People group.
The second: the Islamic veil: it was limited to women ‘s religious groups as a form of discrimination and identity – emphasized.
Type III: the veil of fashion, which began with the era of economic openness and combines traditional and modernist , which blends Islamic heritage and Western modernist currents, and is one of the wear themselves Mahchmat.
And finally: clothing globalized , a cross-border
and says D.samah in analyzed , that the woman ‘s body to pay the price in the linkage between pornography and exit the constants social Fashion conflict have social categories and segments identified controls, rules and set the desired Women relationship style through uniform.
Here are turning outfit to identity, as long as it is a social identity becomes a symbolic social value to the point goes beyond mere taste of worn or desire, it means resistance to preserve the identity and clarify the ego relationship with the other,
which reflects the extent of crisis experienced by women Almnctarat between obedience and obey, and his moral significance of virtue and morality are divided by sex and linked to religiosity, and it becomes a slogan veil of chastity and stripping naked of virtue.