What is the SCADA system

In light of recent developments in the world of industry, especially in the time of the spread of various related technologies to work Almsenai, it has been the development of production and quality improvement and tuned through dedicated lines of production control, as well as to monitor operating systems, and maintenance failures nisi and effectively if they occur.

The modern technological systems in support of industry and services are the SCADA system, which is originally an English word SCADA, which stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, any system for monitoring, control and data collection.

The system SCADA is one of the most important systems in technological systems operating in many factories and major companies control, for example, the SCADA system is used to monitor oil lines, as well as in water lines or gas, or in furnaces, air conditioners and cement factories and steel plants, and other factories and services.

The working principle of SCADA system

The principle of working through channels control lines through the presence of sensors Sensors systems and terminal controllers are present on the transport channels or reservoirs or any business unit belonging to the factory, to be monitored and controlled, and these sensors are connected to a mainframe computer, and through a connection to transmit data to the unit channels central control can know the status of the terminal or terminal; Konpop oil or gas remotely without the need for human control that all systems began to be abandoned and replaced by technological systems as a system SCADA to save time and effort, and increase productivity.

Through sensors and peripheral devices can also in addition to the control of the control units of the system; as close pipe, closing the cooling vents and operation of the air conditioning, or any operations of remote control, for example, the sensitive directing digital data over the SCADA network, up to the central device that there is a rise in temperatures heat reservoir A, who shall then the human factor to intervene and direct maintenance work through the signals and its relevance to, and the data that has Omentha SCADA systems.

The system SCADA has special software is installed on computers to monitor, control and receive data through multiple means of connectivity, for example, it is possible to use cables ether phase in connectivity, or optical fiber characterized by capacities of high Bandwidth channels cables, as well as fast data transfer through.

There is nothing standing in front of the expansion of the system, especially in factories with branches spread across the world or across a particular country, it is possible to expand the network to the wide ranges through local networks or WAN networks through external connectivity to be monitored and controlled through further paths and different places, but on condition be through the same SCADA network.