What is the SAT test like

The world has recently witnessed a great development in the field of science and education, which led to the increase in the number of schools, colleges and universities tremendously, which also led to the ongoing quest to maintain the quality of education among students outputs, so called the emergence of the so-called examinations of study efficiency, which aims to maintain the quality of education, and most famous of these exams is the SAT test.

The concept of SAT test

Is a test based American students presenting they are in high school, to be admitted to the American College, and this widespread testing is very large also in the countries of the Arab world, particularly in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, but only limited to private schools, and is the SAT is a nonprofit organization in the US American United, and it is owned by the College board, and the Committee on educational testing supervisory service worked on the test developed, and the reason behind the application of this test in schools is the demands of the urgency of the Faculty Council on its application; because it makes the student ready to enter college, Has been provided in the first test in 1901, with the name and registration had been amended four times.

Is this test several times a year, but even students can register for this test in the United States, they must go within certain months, namely: October and November, and December, January, and May and June, while in the rest of the world, the registration are the same dates that it has been identified in the United States of America, and students wishing to register them to do this by e-College board website, or by mail or phone, but it must be done before the test date at least three weeks.

The cost of tests SAT 45$ for students from the United States of America, and 71$ for students from outside the United States, but for students latecomers in the registry, they pay 20$ initially basic registration fee, and then they pay 9$ for each test they submitted, except for late payment of registration fees, and the College board has a decision to grant students with low incomes and poor exemption from payment of fees.

SAT test sections

SAT test is divided into three sections of the tests, which are as follows: Mathematics:

– It is a three tests are offered in English, and these tests aree:

  • Test duration of 25 minutes and consists of 20 questions of multiple choice typee.
  • Test duration of 25 minutes, and consists of 8 questions of multiple choice type, and ten direct solution questions.
  • A 20-minute test, and consists of 16 questions of multiple choice typee.

– Reading, grammar: This section also includes three tests in English; so that two of them have duration of 25 minutes, and the third test duration of 20 minutes, and the focus of this test is generally on student terms and vocabulary in the language, and the ability of the student to install and understand sentences and cutting essay, the student in this test read paragraphs, then proceed to resolve the questions, and the nature of the questions here are many and varied.

– Writing: Here this test divides into two parts:

  • The first section is given the questions of multiple choice type, and the type of questions (true or false) with error correction, this section is designed to test students’ skills in English grammar.
  • Section II which is a 25-minute, ask the student to write a paragraph in English, which usually revolves around the theme of the student in the case of a particular command or opinion.