What do you cook today


Is the question of what I cook today more questions that are repeated in the mind of many women; since they prefer to change, and sometimes their control components available, so we recommend you Madam make a list of cuisine you like! Btboukha a day for a week and the preparation of its components so that they are affordable, and this will help you more on the order of your day and creativity in your cooking, and thus give you a chance to think about what you will be asked doing side dishes that can be prepared with the main dish. We’ll show in this article is a group of varieties of foods , namely: Aussie, and lasagne, and Kabsa Saudi Arabia.


  • Two cups of rice .
  • Four cups of water or less depending on the type of rice usedd.
  • Cup peas, frozen or canned.
  • Two hundred and fifty grams of meat minced or Aktar as desiredd.
  • Blanched almonds.
  • Salt .
  • Black pepper.
  • Dough ready chips.
  • Butter or margarine or oil .
  • Broth cube chicken (optional).

How to prepare
Prepare filling ouzi

  • Soak the rice for a quarter of an hour with water lukewarm to be ready for cookingg.
  • During the soak rice prepare the butter by melting on fire, but if we use margarine or oil to add to the ingredients.
  • We get peas; they need to cook for five minutes to become soft so that they are suitable to eat, but do not Ntboukha much so as not to spoil.
  • We get full of water to put the vase cube Maggie with salt, and let it boil.
  • We get nuts by placing them in a pan to fry with oil to become red and ready.
  • Keep the meat in the pan, and simmer until Nthoh, and in the meantime has become a rice ready.
  • Keep the other ingredients with meat and almonds, and Nkhaltha with each other to be mixed well, publish salt, Nkhalth with ingredients.

Method of filler ouzi

  • Fillers prepare the necessary tools and put them near each other ( the filling and dough, dish, simple and the amount of flour with water mingled with each other, « for the purpose of pasting the dough », and an egg cream with fat face brush).
  • Manfred dough after processing into the dish, taking into account opening parties in an orderly fashion to close the dough later on the charge.
  • Keep the filling in an orderly fashion in the middle of the dough to prove inside during cooking, and do not increase our charge to keep the dough knit well.
  • Turn the dough parties and Nglgaha and cover it tightly, and then brush the little water mixture with flour on the charge from abroad in order to remain coherent.
  • Turn the dish on the gently palm, and put ouzi in the custom container after painting him with oil in order not to stick with the dough, and brush the face ouzi eggs and put it in the preheated oven, and when the face golden becomes the color it is taken out of the oven and is with a dish of yogurt.



  • Kilogram minced meat stew and the minutes to eat.
  • Cheese, preferably put the quality of mozzarella cheese.
  • Albachamil sauce.
  • Pasta private Ballaszaka.
  • Two grains of tomatoes, peeled and Mtahontan.

How to prepare

  • Clink prepare lasagna and put two tablespoons of oil in a saucepan, and Nschenh on fire.
  • Add a spoonful of garlic, and then add the tomatoes, pressed, and put the above two tablespoons of Asalsalp, can add a small hanging from the ground thyme to add a delicious flavor.
  • After mixing the ingredients together to add cubes of broth chicken Maggie, and then add the minced meat and Nqlbh well, Nmzjh mixture, after making sure mixed leave it for two minutes on fire.
  • Clink bring Albachamil, and add to the milk and on fire We turn them over, and combine them well.
  • When preparing lasagna Nslgaha boiling water with a little salt and oill.
  • Prepare tray suitable for the development of lasagne, and preferably rectangular; to contain lasagne properly, and then prepare the sauce, and Albachamil, and lasagne.
  • Keep layers of lasagne on top of each; as have a particular order to show the appropriate form fitting and taste, as follows:
    – Keep layer Allzanaa and make sure that the level of class all regions are, and can be arranged quickly a large spoon, then add the sauce is also flat, and make sure the cover layer lasagne full of chutney all parties.
    – Put the ball over the layer lasagne Asalsalp layer with making sure coverage of all aspects and are flat.
    – Add the sauce again as a second layer, and then put a thick layer of Albachamil a layer on the face of the dish.
  • Keep dish lasagna in the oven for twenty minutes or according to the time that reddens the face of the class, and then get it out and put it on the table, and put it mozzarella cheese layer that gives a taste delicious, and be lasagne adherent of the parties sometimes, leave it a little to cool, and put the knife or special spoon Parties shredding, and banish the parties from the pot placed in it lasagne.
  • Cut it in the form of boxes, and try to lift each box from the bottom so as not to move layers during lasagne placed a la carte.

Kabsa Saudi Arabia


  • Kg of mutton.
  • Four cups of rice , soaked while cooking.
  • Three links Vat.
  • G sauce four hundred tomato.
  • Habta green hot pepper, minced (optional).
  • Three medium-sized carrots and grated.
  • A teaspoon of grated lemon rind.
  • ¼ cup vegetable oil.

Bharat Kabsa

  • A quarter kilogram of cinnamon soft.
  • A quarter kilogram Hill crushed.
  • Kg Khnagan crushed.
  • Tablespoons cloves crushed.

How to prepare

  • Prepare Bharat Kabsa: mix all the spices well in the dish, and the amount we take a tablespoon of them and put them in excess jars for use later.
  • Prepare Kabsa: Keep the oil and onion on fire and Nqlbh that yellows in color, then add the meat and toss well, then leave it for five minutes to simmer a little.
  • Put a teaspoon of spices Bukhari, cube Maggie one, put tomato paste over the meat, then toss well, then add grated carrots, lemon zest and water, and leave the meat on the fire to mature.
  • At maturity, should the sauce be a little dense, then Nthblha salt and half the rice, and add it to it without moving and leave it to evaporate the water , and then stirring the rice and turn off the fire, and then cover the pot, and leave the rice to impregnate its water and simmer steamed