Treatment of gray hair

Gray hairs

Graying phenomenon is a change in the color of the hair , and this topic gets suddenly or once one of the natural color to the color gray, gray hair is that the size of the colored material in the hair began to fall, and result in hair loss of color gradually, until it becomes the color white becomes much in the head.

One reason for the gray hair follicles stop hair on the composition of melanin (the substance responsible for coloring), making the new hair grows without color, or color material creatine, (which is the basic material of which consists of hair , a substance without colorr).

The reasons for the decline of melanin

  • Cause a decrease of melanin age.
  • Cause a decrease of melanin psychological feeling of sudden and severe, such as: extreme fear, or sadness severe, or injury worries and distresss.
  • Cause a decrease of melanin malnutrition and vitamin deficienciess.
  • Of the reasons for the decline of melanin organic Diseases such as dysfunction thyroid gland, or a high degree of temperature body, or persistent infectionss.
  • Genetic factors.

Treatment of gray hair oils

  • For the treatment of gray hair is mixed oil olive with banana puree and place it on the hair for 15 minutes before washing it once every week for two months.
  • Mixing coconut oil henna leaves, and the mixture is heated and then placed on the hair for an hourr.
  • Oil is recommended Bmdaomh put mustard on the hair.

Herbal treatment of gray hair

  • Used red henna with greasy hair; it is one of the pigments that removes the gray hairr.
  • For the treatment of gray hair can be grinding and mixing leaves berries in water, and then Jnha and put it on the hair.
  • For the treatment of gray hair preferably drying pear peel and crushed, and put it on the hair; it gives a color brown.
  • Baking peel eggplant inside the oven for the treatment of gray hair without burning it , then batch with water and place it on the hair.
  • Boil the onion peel of paper, and then rinse the hair in it; which gives color chestnut hairr.
  • Head massage and wash Bmenkua tea for 15 minutes.

Prepare henna

Steps to prepare a paste henna:

  • Bring warm water, and place it on the henna powder.
  • Mixing well until the mixture is made up our thick textures paste, and leave for an hour or two in a glass vase.
  • This dough is placed on the hair, and rouge her skin skin for an hour or two hours to give a color dark red.
  • You can add lemon juice or vinegar or tea to give henna color or dark bronze attractive.
  • Wrap henna paste on the head warm towel with no exposure to cold air or the fan and air conditionerr.
  • In addition to the henna leaves Ondico powder with warm water if you want to give your hair color black or dark brown.
  • After two hours put henna hair should be washed with warm waterr.

Hair for the gray hair

Farazdaq proud and praising the gray hair, saying:
The gray hair away title
It is the history of old age
The whiteness of your hair ‘s death
Your hair and then you’re on the impact
If you see the gray hair uncle
So beware the head

He says Abu Tammam for gray hair:
I saw the gray hair loomed so I said hello
And said goodbye to seductiveness and youth
Once the size of dill but
I saw what Valentines Ochaba