To facilitate the birth drinks


Birth is the stage in which the uterus is ready to fling the fetus outside the body; where there are several things indicate that it is time the fetus out of the womb of the mother , including: the pain of labor resulting from the contractions of the uterus and Anaqbadath which are usually regular occurrence and then increases as the approaching date of birth and became fetus ready to get out of the mother ‘s womb, also occur abdominal cramps and pain in the lower back, and the leakage of fluid or blood from the vagina indicates that the birth stage has come.

You know the pain of childbirth being strong pain, and with this pain may vary from one woman to another by force contractions , but the labor or childbirth pain is probably from the pain that tolerated women with all the love and sacrifice because it is the reason out a new spirit to this life, and because most women are aware of well that giving birth may be difficult it is may cause them a lot of fear, anxiety and tension, and in spite of all this does not cease to be all of these fears turn into the feelings of motherhood , love and comfort that memorable mother all went through.

So can a pregnant woman can facilitate the process of birth as much as possible and pass this stage , at least as much of the fear and anxiety, the by psychological preparedness and proper health to fight this sensitive stage; for example , you may prefer some women to drink several natural drinks that can facilitate the contractions of the uterus and the expansion of his neck, and while offer comes the most important beverages which would facilitate the process of birth and relieve pain. 

To facilitate the birth drinks

Water is one of the most important fluid that no living creature to live without him, and for pregnant women is a useful have dramatically; as not drinking pregnant water that keeps the moisture of her body, leads to dehydration even if by Bstih and therefore contractions more and more painful; so pregnant women are advised to drink a sip of water after each contraction and it is can help women at birth.

Used aniseed medically for several things, can be used as the seeds of anise or anise oil and less can benefit from the root of anise leaves or anise also. Anise contains chemicals similar to the impact of the effect of the hormone estrogen; so it can be used aniseed to facilitate childbirth and stimulate uterine contractions process which helps to facilitate the birth and relieve pain and control of the calm woman and silence her psychological condition and relieve anxiety associated with the birth.

Can be prepared Anise by adding a spoon or two tablespoons of seeds or seed powder to a cup of boiling water slide and Tkulaibh well, and then leaves ten minutes for becoming soaked, and can sweeten with sugar or honey to taste, then strain and drink when attending an open case , prefers not to drinking more than three cups of drink with anise that this herb is relatively safe herb.

Raspberry leaf tea
Blueberry leaf tea blackberries is the tea used for centuries for many medical uses , including: respiratory diseases and digestive and women to the health of the uterus, and years ago proved the positive impact of raspberry leaf on pregnant women during pregnancy and to facilitate childbirth. There are studies that say raspberry leaves have the ability to shorten the duration of birth, which stimulates contractions of the uterus so it is advisable to eat raspberry tea at the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy , and not in the beginnings so as not to lead to abortion.

Some may think that the taste of blueberry leaf tea comment is like the taste of fruit; but the taste of this tea is like the taste of black tea, as well as this tea also tea women because of its immense benefits to the reproductive system of women is called; Fshaa blueberry leaves Blackberry helps to strengthen the pelvic area and uterus ; it facilitates menstrual pain, and enhances the reproductive system health in women, as well as this tea balance of sex hormones in the body, leading to the promotion of fertility, thus increasing the proportion for enrichment, and to reduce the chances of a miscarriage of pregnancy when increasing the strength of Jaddararahm , and why scientific benefits these papers shall be a The womb of the need of many vitamins and minerals to strengthen, In order performs its functions to the fullest, and these papers shall rich in vitamins (C, E, B, A ), as it is rich in phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, and so these papers are papers rich and important for women, especially for pregnant women.

Tea blueberry leaves blackberries can make birth faster and less difficult; where studies have shown that very few pregnant women who drank blueberry leaf tea blackberries continuously and regularly have required a Caesarean section and if the Adathn easier and easier than other women, and less painful, even milk the breasts of women was the most prolific; where raspberry leaves helped to bring milk; then you can start eating raspberry leaf tea in the second trimester of pregnancy to drink about a cup to three cups tea , raspberry leaf so that a spoonful of these leaves are placed to a cup of boiling water and boil for ten minutes and then drink.

Plant the palm of Mary
The palm of the Virgin or the palm of Mary shrub grass grows in most areas of the Mediterranean basin and Central Asia, and have many of them the names of chastity tree, and her old reputation in folk medicine; where used in ancient indications of diseases of many symptoms such as headaches, dementia, acne, nervousness, stomach disorders, indigestion, eye pain, and the plant is famous for its specialization in the field of highly effective gynecological diseases; it regulates the menstrual cycle is irregular, and premenstrual syndrome, in addition to this plant is effective in Ola And alleviate the symptoms of post – menopausal, as well as can also use this plant in the treatment of infertility in women and the prevention of abortion, especially women who suffer from low progesterone level, while for pregnant women; these Alentbh help control bleeding after dystocia , and the ejection of the placenta , increase breast milk.

The latency of the most nutrients safer, but for pregnant women Vllkmon ability to stimulate uterine contraction and stimulate the birth, as well as known that cumin is used in cooking , but it can also be a teaspoon of cumin in boiling water mode.

The taste of cinnamon endeared many people to joy and sweetness, as well as wonderful because it contains important nutrients benefits, and the cinnamon of the most nutrients contain antioxidants; Valqrvh important in the fight against cancers and infections and protect against diabetes, and can also have a stimulus to the contraction of the uterus and help pregnant women at birth.