The story of Snow White 2017

The story of Snow White

In ancient times it was the queen sitting on the balcony of her palace, holding in her hands the needle and thread and sew some clothes, Vhkt needle her finger came down from her finger some drops of blood and the white of her dress, drew its consideration of the beauty of the red drops of blood on the white dress, Vtmant in itself to kicking a baby white snow red and black Kallil like blood, and after a period of security achieved the queen and the queen gave birth to a beautiful girl and whiteness as snow White and the Queen was estimated to die after the birth of her daughter’s period.

After the king married a new queen is very beautiful, and this was the queen owns a magic mirror, and has always been the queen directed a question to a mirror which is: Who is the most beautiful lady of the women of this country ?, Re mirror was always: You Ojmhin all, but I swear that Snow White’s most beautiful Cuteness.

The queen every time you ask the mirror this question and get the same answer so angry and hate Snow White more, she was always thinking about how her to get rid of the whiteness of the snow, and came up with in mind the idea is that the hunter order that takes a Snow White to the forest and kill her there, and when taken it hunter snow White into the woods and learned goals only begged him so much that does not kill her grieved by the fisherman did not kill her and left her in the forest, and pattered snow White forest and kept walking until I found igloos this was the cottage of the seven dwarfs, entered the hut and sat down with the dwarfs, and she told them her story and asked them to keep them in exchange for them to clean up the cottage and Preparing food.

After the Queen thought that Snow White died, stood in front of the magic her mirror and asked her usual her question and I was surprised cold mirror by: O Queen , you Ojmhin all swear that Snow White ‘s most beautiful charm, reaped the queen of this answer and said to mirror that Snow White had died, she said to her mirror that egg snow is still alive and that they live in a very distant hut at the top of the hill.

I tried the queen then kill Snow White more than once, but each time they dwarfs Enqdhunha from death, and in the last successful attempt queen to kill Snow White to sell apples poisoned and absent Snow White consciousness, thought the dwarfs that Snow White had died Vodaoha in a coffin made of glass and were every day taking turns on guard that passed in front of the hut and the prince saw the whiteness of the snow inside the coffin strongly admired her beauty and asked the dwarfs that takes a coffin for anything they ask, dwarfs rejected this request at first and then agreed sorrow for the prince.

When the prince guards carrying the ark of the whiteness of the snow stumble roots of a tree, Vahtz the coffin and shook the whites of the snow inside the coffin came out of her mouth piece apple poisoned, Vovaguet of her trance and said: Where am I ?, and flooded the joy of the heart of the Prince and the seven dwarfs and then told the Snow White story is complete, and asked her hand of them agreed and set up a large wedding and was among the guests the queen stepmother snow White, and when I found that snow White is the bride surprised and struck by a heart attack and died shortly after, and lived snow White and her husband are happy throughout their lives.