The story of Romeo and Juliet in english

The story of Romeo and Juliet

The events revolve the story of Romeo and Juliet about a conflict between two families Italians of the finest families of the city of Verona, Italy, two family « Capulet » family « Mntigaio » This is the conflict since time immemorial, despite the lack of knowledge caused by this eternal struggle, come out of the two families two lovers: the Romeo of Montigaio and Juliet Capulet.

Tells the narrator of the story that the lovers Aaolan to the inevitable fate of death as a result of this conflict, so we know the glasses that the fate of death in another play, the story begins Baxq Romeo woman named « Rosalain » shows us Romeo from which loved Jesus and somber, rousing story poems romantic.

Romeo was the best friends a person named « Markicio, » a relative of Prince of Verona. Apply for Romeo, but it is still Muluaa Rosalain. By coincidence Romeo knows the existence of a masquerade held annually for a family Capulet, and knows that Rosalain invited should resolve to go with his friends Markicio and Benvolio to the concert, and corresponds to Romeo in that concert Juliet, which is a wonderful and beautiful girl, falls Romeo in love with her immediately, was not Romeo and reality I love Rosaline, but it was a reality of love, that he found true love in Juliet.

Both Romeo and Juliet with each talk and some fall in love, but fate had a lookout, was known as the cousin of Juliet « Tibalt » Romeo and wanted to Ahajerh, but Juliet ‘s father refused to be hungry with him because it is home to the concert and Romeo known morals noble, and in another ceremony, the two knew they were from the two families Almottagatlten.

In the same night, and after the concert ends, Romeo goes to Juliet’s garden stands down her bedroom, and agree to marry the next day secretly, they went to the priest who Azojhma Matkadinmenh that their marriage will help to reconcile the two families, but we know then that there is a master of the Prince Verona Juliet speeches that I was surprised and shocked not Babr..kev She is married now.

Juliet goes to the pastor to tell him this, he decides the pastor to help them. After that we see Tibalt is looking for a Romeo to fight with him and finds his friends, and then Romeo comes Tibalt Oatalb him to remain, but Romeo refuses because he became Nsiba him even though he did not know about marriage only four people, Romeo and Juliet and Pastor runner Juliet, resenting then Markocio reaction Romeo considered by fear and cowardice after that he decides to fight the Tibalt, die Markocio.

Tibalt fled from the scene of the fighting, leaving Romeo angry and swear to avenge his friend Markocio. Tibalt back to the scene of the battle showdown Romeo and kill him to escape afterwards. Emir Verona to kill Almtnazlen of the two families; because the quiet city of Verona, is not marred by anything but struggle for families. When attending the Prince to the region knows that Tabaltkd killed by Romeo in revenge, then decides commuted to exile from the country, a condition that does not appear Romeo, up the news to Juliet stands beside her, and go Romeo to the priest who told him the verdict, then go Romeo to the house of Juliet and stay with her until dawn, and then leave the city, « Mantua » without knowing that his mother died of her grief on it.

The story goes events and decide Juliet ‘s father announced that a wedding of « Paris » one day. Vtsra Juliet to seek help from the priest who reassure his plan and decide where to send a messenger to the city of Mantua to reach Romeo plan, and gives the Rev. Juliet medicine makes it look Kalmitp for two days take him for in the day Svavha.o but unfortunately, the apostle does not reach Romeo there was an epidemic in city ​​close to the city of Mantua, and he gets the news of the death of his servant Juliet, who does not know the plan, Romeo then go mad and go to a poor pharmacist in the city to buy him Sama and give him a large sum in exchange for the poison. Then go to the tombs of Romeo Capulet family to find them lying in the coffin, are seen to have increased beauty and color of her face is still reddish and not white but he does not know that this is because they will wake up shortly after.

After that corresponds to the « Paris« , who came to visit his future wife there and finds Romeo and Romeo thought that came to desecrate the grave of Juliet’s family from enemies. Romeo and Paris decide to waive the gloominess and kill Paris, and then accept Romeo Juliet and dosed small bottle of poison to die falling between her hands, and Juliet wakes up from Nomtha to find that Romeo has died beside her without thinking and take his dagger and Ngrsh in her heart and die too.

Then comes everyone to the grave and see what happened from the tragedy, and tell the priest every story, Vtaatsaleh two families and decide could play to build a large gold statues of Romeo and Juliet Ikhaldihama in the city and remembered that they « families » are the cause of death and have and that the two lovers, who repaired fences between the two families.