The effects and causes of water pollution

the importance of water

Through this verse we see the importance of water for all that is on the surface of the earth, and the size of the many benefits that are innumerable and the impossibility of life without it, man, animals and plants in the need permanent to him, as well as is important to maintain the thermal balance of the Earth, despite the urgent human need for water sources remain exposed permanently to contamination, and shows that the pollution of water through the emergency changes to the installation of some of the component of which elements, which in turn may be directly or changes And indirect, as this pollution occurs most often by industrial waste, animal, and human being thrown in it or pour into a branch of its branches.

The causes of water pollution

  • Sewage, which in turn are exposed to contamination by harmful microbes and some of the bacteria species, and is a human behavior is organized on them why being contaminated water sources, where the disposal of some countries as usual at rivers and lakes directly, or in places close to the groundwater, so it spills after the time of the contamination of wells groundwater.
  • Industrial waste is one of the most important pollutants of water, which in turn include food waste, industrial fiber, and chemical residues resulting from the factories, where these residues lead to the injury of water pollution by both fat, blood, alkali, dyes, chemicals, oil, and vehicles of the Petroleum, to along with toxic side salts, such as salts, arsenic and mercury.
  • Radioactive material: one of the most and the most dangerous types of water pollutants and the most dangerous remnants of atomic plants, reactors, atomic tests when they reach the water in one way or another where they may is disposed of negligence and ignores disposers international laws that require burial in the same prestigious properties on a particular depth of lead boxes, or leakage that occurs sometimes.
  • Human waste, which are issued as is evident from its name by the human factorr.
  • Natural pollution, which is that drift-winning material leading to pollution and some of the waste, to the oceans and seas.
  • Fertilizers AGRO: contaminated water and hazardous materials due to the ability of access to groundwater contamination and thus, together with the ability of these fertilizers to move through both drainage and flood into bodies of water in all its forms and surface water.
  • Pesticides are also the causes of pollution, where the flow of these pesticides with waste water to banks, leading to the side of water pollution to the killing of many marine organisms as well as fish.