The difference between psychology and sociology

There is a close link between psychology and sociology, despite their differences in the jurisdiction of the type, we find that community a great impact in shaping the behavior and culture of the individual, through the reflection of the culture of society on the behavior of the individual and ways of thinking and emotions, and the way the acquisition of skills and development.


Psychology is defined as academic and applied study of perception and behavior, and the mechanisms devised for each of them, where he studied psychology and human activities and problems in daily life, and try to Maajh mental illness for this man.

It summarizes the definition of this science as the study of the mind, personality, and thinking about a scientific study in order to reach an understanding of this behavior and find explanations and prediction in an attempt to control it.

This science is an important science in the modern era, which has not been addressed by the old extensively, and psychology a number of branches and divisions, a science specialist study of the soul and life, as a section of his name Psyche in the Greek language indicates, while the other section logos means search with assets scientific methodology Psychology.


Sociology is a study of the social life of the human being, whether his life within groups or communities, this flag is also known as the study of social interactions, this science has evolved in the late nineteenth century.

Interested in studying processes and social rules that operate to bind and separate people in general, and not just as individuals, which cares about human behavior and social beings, and here is defined as the scientific study groups and social entities through human action throughout their lives, and the results of these studies will help academics from legislators and experts of education, politicians and managers and others, to understand all social problems and to formulate appropriate to solve those problems of public policies.

The sociologists to work in many of the terms of reference of social Kaltgar, social organization, and the ability of mobility, stratification, ethnic relations, family, education and social psychology, human relations, and political sociology and comparative urban and rural, aging, demography, social practices, and Criminology .

The difference between psychology and sociology

Thus, we find that psychology is the science that deals with the behavior of the individual and the experiences through which through its interaction in the environment and society, and this is evidenced by the interest in properties and processes that grow with the individual, and how he functions.

While interested in sociology behavior and collective experience, and this is demonstrated by the business and social organizations by the individual, and the process of evolution and emotions caused by them, and which supplies the world or researcher aspects of the biological individual, and the reflection of the psychological state realized the individual from the social aspect, which results in a kind of communication direct between the individual and social surroundings.

This matter is related to the expression or the only means to achieve the relevance of the individual to his society, as is the case when a newborn child, which raises the attention of those around him by crying.