The causes of pollution of the environment


Pollution can be defined as a chemical change or vital or physical affects directly on the environment, as the development reached by the human population and increasing the number of developments were the cause of environmental pollution. Environmental pollution has led to the spread of many diseases and multiple, and these diseases are lung cancer, cholera, malaria, respiratory infections, and also poisoning, respiratory diseases, and disorders of the body in general.

Types of pollution and its causes

  • There are many types of pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, soil contamination, and contamination of food, radioactive contamination, and noise pollution; as causing air pollution, many sources, including industrial sources, including natural and industrial sources: factory waste and smoke rising from these factories , pesticides, and car exhaust that produce gaseous substances such as sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide gas and carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and many other gases that cause serious damage to the environment.
  • Natural pollution caused by floods, earthquakes, thunderstorms, and water pollution occurs as a result caused by sewage and oil tankers, fertilizers and agricultural residues that affect human, and affect mainly on marine organisms.
  • Soil pollution is caused by agricultural human which uses chemical fertilizers and pesticides material activity, and is caused by human disregard for the dumping of wastes that degrade later, and the intervention in the soil, and change their properties.
  • Of the most serious types of pollution is radioactive contamination, which produces medical waste and chemical reactions, especially nuclear and hydrogen reactions, acid rain, and this type of pollution causes a change in the genetic material of the organism.
  • Noise pollution, which directly affects the sense of hearing, a voice is undesirable, and is caused by instrument sounds, cars, airplanes, etc., and man must comply with the instructions that exist within each building, whether a factory or a company or a car so as not to increase the pollution of the environment, and thus cause in violation of the atmospheric layers of any ozone, and produces about that significant risks to human and animal.

Caused pollution types previously mentioned a lot of harm and complications of human; where it increased the spread of various diseases as mentioned, also affected the nature of the food intake of human, and water to drink through exposure to these pollutants, have caused pollutants harm psychologically significant to man; where he caused his depression, and increased tension by large.