The benefits of breast-feeding on the mother and child

Known since antiquity as the mother ‘s milk of the benefits and properties, and shows that it is reported food for the child, it turns out that food every mother benefits more than any milk another baby for any other mother, and there is no doubt that breastfeeding natural return great benefits to the mother and child dramatically, and these benefits on each.

The benefits of breastfeeding for mother

Help feeding the natural uterus return to normal size and place it quickly, and the reason for this is due to the absorption of breast works on the secretion of the hormone from the pituitary gland , this hormone called oxytocin, which in turn leads to a contraction of the uterus and return to its natural state. And that the lack of this process to occur quickly infect the uterus and fever puerperal infection.
Increase lactation of emotional and psychological link between the mother and her child, and this is the most important factor is not the mother and the child’s psychological stability, as it gives the mother a feeling of being complacent to maintain the health of her child and growth.

Breastfeeding mother eases the possibility of breast cancer. It has been shown that breastfeeding women are less vulnerable to the disease than other women. The more multiplied women breastfeeding was a shield to protect them from breast cancer.

Continued breastfeeding of natural factors to prevent pregnancy, so it is a way free of complications that may accompany use of birth control pills or IUD or injection, during lactation does not get ovulation ( ovulation ) and refrain pregnancy

The benefits of breastfeeding for baby

The mother’s milk contains a sufficient amount of sugar and protein fit perfectly baby while proteins found in the milk of cows, sheep and buffaloes are ten digestion on the baby’s stomach because they are designed to fit the children of those animals and not human children.

Sterile breast milk and does not contain microbes, and is thereby preventing the incidence of intestinal Balenzlat that affects children who are breastfed are usually using bottles.
Grow children who are breastfed are fuller and faster than those children who eat dairy prepared artificially.

Children who have the natural Barzaah are usually more intelligent and more aware of the response of the ocean around them.

Frequent cases of sudden deaths of unknown cause in children who are fed from the bottle, called these cases (b death hypothalamus) while it is almost unknown in children who Trdahm their mothers.

For children who are breastfed healthy and rapid growth, while those who are breast-feeding Altqmon abound, including psychological ills

The inclusion of the mother of the child was released and playing with your process jiggling that occur during breastfeeding is very important and has an impact on the child and his behavior in the future, without which the child becomes aggressive and nervous and can not be tamed only way jiggling and annexation of the chest.