Strengthen muscles herbal


The tissue muscle is the primary source of the strength of the body and its movement; as the first task is to change the integrity of the body, moving the internal organs; where the human body contains about 650 muscles, and these muscles make up half of the mass of almost the body.

All made up the muscles of the human of the same article, namely , elastic fabric composed of bundles of semi – fibrous material expandable, which is similar to what enters the connector industry rubber ; Valadilh consists of thousands to hundreds of thousands of small muscle fibers, which has a length of about 40 mm, The other is made up of very small strands of fiber. The muscle fibers controlled by nerves, which make them constrict; muscle strength depends primarily on the amount of fiber in them.

Muscle movement

The movement requires an effort of the entire body; when a person thinks of the movement, the brain determines which muscles are required in order to accomplish that movement, then sent electrical impulses through the spinal cord and the nerves of those muscles, knowing that it must be appropriate vector quantities are available nerve in order to complete the process of contraction, thus began the movement. There are mechanisms that allow the brain motion tracking in performing, and this is called the reception of a deep sense ( in English: Proprioception); a sense that human can know which site a particular member of the body in relation to other objects in its surroundings, in addition to gravity.

Muscle strength

The strength of the muscle depends on two factors: mass, neural simulation with the muscle fibers; as muscle strength increases with the number of fibers that are employed through the neural simulation, for example, the arm muscle is stronger in the case of employing 50,000 muscle fiber compared with employing 25,000 muscle fiber.

The weightlifting and exertion on the muscles routinely lead to improved simulation between the brain and nerves, neuromuscular junction, and muscle fibers, thereby increasing muscle strength. The amplification of muscle cells is another way to increase muscle strength, which operates a different mechanism entirely from the method of neural simulation, when a person carries weight, this leads to a rupture of microscopic fibrils muscle in muscle fibers, and this will stimulate the Rose body reaction to the rebuilding fibrillolytic torn , and lead to their growth and increase their number by taking advantage of the nutrients, and this increase in the number of myofibrils will increase the size of muscle fibers. It is worth noting that an increase in the number of muscle fibers do not occur, but an increase in fibrillolytic within.

Some of the benefits of herbs and plants for muscles

When herbs eat, follow a healthy diet and exercise continuously improve the muscle building process; as some medicinal herbs can increase the rates of hormone manhood ( in English: Testosterone), and this leads to an increase in muscle mass and energy during exercise, and some herbs also help to amplify muscles by improving the body ‘s response to stress , but you must be careful when using medicinal herbs; as some of them may have side effects, or may interact with certain types of medications.

The ring plant strengthens the muscles and increase their ability to carry weight, and this plant protects against infection with cancer ; it is through the study of the benefits of a plant ring enables athletes who took the ring plant to increase their weight during the performance of the exercise of payment using the legs, but the disadvantages of eating fenugreek it is that they make a strong body odor and scent.

The herb chamomile of ancient herbs used in treatments including the treatment of muscle spasm, as they contain 36 kinds of flavonoids; so it is important to treat infections. Chamomile is used by fat and massage the affected area with oil this herb to relieve the effects of muscle tension, and that drinking chamomile tea helps to loosen tight muscles.

The herb rosemary is the herb fragrant, evergreen, and there is in the area of the Mediterranean , this herb used in cooking Kpharrat, as are perfumes such as industry, which is very beneficial to the health of the body. This is the plant is a rich source of iron, calcium, and vitamin B – 6, as they are full of antioxidants and anti – inflammatory. The use of this herb since the foot in the treatment of muscle pain, improve memory, and many other benefits…

Beneficial to the muscles of nutrients

You need muscles at the comfort – ie when the body restores Binaha- to provide them with energy, through the provision of certain vitamins and minerals have different.

vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential in order to ensure the health of blood vessels, and that in turn leads to the provision of oxygen to the muscles of various nutrients, and vitamin C enters in the synthesis of collagen, which the body uses bone and muscle building.

According to Dr. Popovatz ( in English: Dr. Popovitz), the calcium is one out of the two most important Gmaiaan promise for bone and muscle building. There is calcium in milk and dairy products, in addition to vegetables, and are advised to enter the body to 1200 milligrams a day of it.

Vitamin B
The series B vitamins which are B 1, B 2, B 3, B 6, B 7, B 12, is very important for public health of the body, especially those who try to amplify and strengthen his muscles; Vvitamen b is responsible for the metabolism of protein processes, in addition to energy production. Vitamin B only in animal products from food; where you can not Vegetarians can get only through dietary supplements.