Strengthen memory and save speed

Enhance memory and speed of conservation The virus that causes memory impairment and frequent forgetfulness is malnutrition and a lack of vital benefits in our daily lives, if memory impairment needs to be taking vitamins such as vitamin B6, B12. And elements (zinc, iron, folic lion) is compounded by the ability of the focus we have four times the normal capacity. Needs Kmalk to potassium, boron, selenium, and other materials task cells memory such as vitamin (e E) is located oils, especially olive oil, vitamin (c C) It is located citrus, tomatoes, guava, kiwi, peppers forms These Alvetamenan two Amadadan oxidants and who have maintained the memory cells from damage. And there are seven vitamins mission specifically to the brain, a vitamin B complex, a B1, B2, B3 5 B6 and biotin, in addition to vitamin C, all of which are necessary to convert carbohydrates into mental energy, which is very important vitamins for the production of neurotransmitters, and that he needs the brain to the particular, and in Actions need to proteins, magnesium, phosphorus, iron … So Let us see the rich Alogdah these health benefits, materials and necessary for human life, and to avoid foods and ready-made food and Alogdah demilitarized benefits mentioned, and almost non-existent sound food ingredients in what we eat daily, With the pace of modern life and the spread of fast food and stay away from well-cooked food, health and mental symptoms began to spread. The lack of omega-3 has an essential role in the weakness of the brain nutrition and thus poor memory in general, and these are available Intensely acids in salmon, walnuts, eggs, fish. In general, healthy and varied food plays a fundamental role in maintaining the balance of the body, including the mind.