Strange habits and traditions in India

Customs and traditions is something he became linked to peoples and its culture and some businesses who are carried out by people may be bad positive or perhaps be linked to religion most often lost the person in a certain order used it through repeated and that the so – called customs as the generation and the creation or do comes a certain order has been acquiring businesses that they do from previous generations approach , this so – called tradition , and also as we have said that the customs and traditions of religion may be linked for example , women ‘s lack of councils of men participation and this is also mentioned in the Islamic religion because men sanctity of strangers women ie not his relative or His wife, as some people talk about the customs and traditions and customs as laws can not be dispensed with or overcome is contrary to , and can be punished by a person who sometimes did not comply with the customs, traditions and customs of the family or tribe or region.

India is also famous for many of the customs, traditions and customs, and of which is compatible with human ideas and perhaps not compatible with others, and the people of India Mtuaqon them and believe in them and can not be dispensed with.

Strange habits and traditions in India

India is, which is located in the continent of Asia, a country has its own characteristics of the customs and traditions, and see India’s strange beliefs make one wonder how they believe in so far, and after that we are in corn and technology era. Therefore we mention in this article, what takes us on a tour of Indian territory to get to know what this society is an oddity in the beliefs, customs, traditions and common phenomena.

Marriage and dowry

When marriage in Hindu, there are some laws which can not get out of it, Amnha usually the boy to girl since childhood speech or birth, and prevent these laws from overlapping layers identified by the gods, he was allowed to marry a man from a top class girl from a lower than that layer, but It can not be the opposite is happening as the law allows the upper classes do whatever you want, but the lower classes restricted.

The marriage process when the Sikh Indians are based on an understanding between both my family and the young girl, and if a young man came out of this rule, it will be subjected to the wrath of the gods, and older people cling more to those traditions, but there is no significance to the differences of class.


Hindus have the wedding , where a huge marquee is held in which broadcast songs registered Indian singers, and put Madawat from relatives and acquaintances Aalacod bracelets and their hands Atabguen designated henna, as girls wear silk sari. The bride they are at home and her mother and her sisters are processed before the arrival of the groom, after showering and hands coated feet with henna, and her mother begins Babasha sari and put make – up to her, and then put the earrings in the ear , nose and anklets in men.

The groom comes on a horse stylist , wearing a turban , especially in the forefront of emerald and feathers peacock holding around his neck, in front of a small child puts it as a symbol of the continuation of the offspring, and be at the forefront of the procession orchestra, and in front of a horse groom dance ring with some of his relatives and his companions even approaching the groom slowly from the pavilion, will descend on table and put him specially, Vtda mother of the bride henna on his forehead, and then the rest of the women also comes and offers him the people of the bride « coconut » as proof of virginity of the bride, as well as they are offering a package of money and other gifts simple, approaching the bride caring head guide on obedience to the pair, then give him a wreath of flowers, which in turn offers him Crown another, and is linked to the applicable Turban groom party spins and is behind him on fire in the center of the terrace, and there is a priest in the meantime , mutters and reads and sprinkle on the grooms of water sacred , and after eating prepared foods for guests are drinking coffee while watching comedy show between the two men competing in Tarifa dance , and then go around the groom Baruste the next day, along with one of the brothers of the bride; where he lives with them two days and then followed by the other two families of his brother approximation.

Held huge pavilions on the bride’s father, who pays all the expenses of the wedding and brushing the house without forcing the groom to pay anything account, as well as the bride’s father is one of the dowry and the groom offers only receive the bride and with all supplies home.

eat the food

So you can eat in India , it must be blessed by the gods, where he holds the food for a niche located in the house where the statue represents the god of the family and around candles burning incense burning of perfumed air, and the role of these gods is to protect the house throughout the day and, if needed this God to rest , they pass it on to another place to sleep in it, and after offering food to the god of the individual comes out and come back after ten minutes and carries dining room table , then the gods may be blessed and I ate some of it Algaymat.


Of the celebrations hosted by the Indians, where they gather around a huge statue of his base of cardboard containing this base inside the crackers, which is a huge man, « Rowan » is said that he was a king unjust defeated him god « Rama » On this day, thousands of years ago, the word « Alduchar » it is the name of that day, and tells the myth that « Rowan » kidnapped « Setia », and wanted to force them to marry him, but « Rama » defeated him with the help of thousands of monkeys

On that day, Hindus burn three statues: the first king of « Rowan » and the other two of the brothers who helped him, and after burning the launch of colorful fireworks begins, the celebration continues with the tunes of the music, trumpets and drums, then people gather and walk in the musical procession, and the statue of the god « Rama » rises above their heads.

Suicide drowning

Deployed in India to commit suicide phenomena; the Indian presents to drown himself in the creek. If frightened rented from drowns, if started in Ngraiqa again Fajav is not permissible to remove him, but he still drowns them even die.


Of strange phenomena frightening in India is the abundance of serpents; where there is in this country, nearly 3120 species of them, and the most insidious of these species are found in the land of « Taka », if the wind blowing on the one hand, « Taka » serpents killed from going through; so abandoned by her family a few days if the wind blew, and then return to it later.


Upon the death of a person is placed amid the timber and set them on fire, Vtanrq the body and this is in honor of the dead have, and the strange thing it is to prove the loyalty of the wife (widow) is burned with him