Stages of baby’s growth

Stages of baby’s growth

The child develops a lot in the first six months of a lot, and in the following the most significant developments:

First month: The child begins in the first month of trying to lift his head and look around and stare at the faces of people as it responds to sounds Vilf around him at any nuisance, following the things around him and the issuing sounds and distinguish white and black shapes, some children smile or laugh or shake their heads degree 45 rarely.

Second Month: the child to continue to issue sounds like purrs and smiles and Hadeel and laughs, and can raise his head to the top for a short period and driven by his head at an angle of 45 and can carry himself on his feet.

Third month: in the third month , the child can laugh and that Akhech and move his head firmly, issued a lot of different sounds , and of them funny and strange, as it can distinguish sounds and smells and shapes, and turn toward sounds and lights, can The lifting of his body is like a half exercise pressure, is also moving his hands and trying to pick things up , and beating near the face of things.

Fourth month: the child can lean on his feet and lifted his head very firmly , and reacts when talking to him , and given voices and movements and face reactions, and be able to grab things and pick up games and trying to touch everything, and mumbled « what » and  » ba « and » da « and fluctuates on the sides , as his first shows the age.

Fifth month: the child can distinguish between severe and can fluctuate skillfully and plays with his feet and legs , and colors distinguish your name and turns when called out on it and can sit for a while without the help and puts everything in his mouth and starts eating solid foods , and begins with anxiety and fear It has strangers.

Sixth month: it starts crawling and rolling over and move comfortably and smoothly and issued and cackling and voices constantly and do not keep silent and do not stop playing.