Social networking sites, how they evolved and what forms

Social Media

Social networking sites are a technology available on the World Wide Web, which people use for the purposes of communication and interaction, this concept offers recently to raise a huge fuss, which means this concept all means of electronic communication available in the atheist and the twentieth century, and used some individuals the concept of social media widely, so as to describe the various types of cultural phenomena that involve communication, not only communication technologies, in many cases, for example, people used the term social media to talk about the content provided by users, whether in writing or publishing Owalmchark Using means of electronic publishing, it is worth mentioning that the majority of forms of social networking sites are electronic, and give users the ability to communicate and interact with each other using computers, smart phones, Internet and other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pentrist.

How evolved social networking sites

Social media include all of the tools that are used for interaction between different individuals, it is worth mentioning that the word Media has been used largely to denote those forms of communication, and with the information revolution, the Internet and the rise has become the term spread of the largest, and now has more features than the old methods such as television and newspapers and radio, where it became include forums and discussion angles available on the Internet, that appeared in 2000, some of the social networking sites that have opened wider spaces for the exchange of information and media.

Forms of social networking

Range of social networking sites, the mismatch is also social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn, and provide electronic ways on the Internet, in order to organize and manage the communication between individual people or groups, usually granted social networks to the pioneers of the ability to form groups, and give them the opportunity to communicate.

It forms of communication are also blogs that give micro-blogging service, and there are some ways that give the ability to share video like YouTube, and some of them to share pictures like Instagram and Flickr, Balgdhavh services provided by some means such as holding meetings remotely, shopping, buying and selling remotely, and talk the existence of an end to the spread of these means to contact, it does not have any indications that this matter soon, on the contrary, it is noted that these methods take wider dimensions and spread more, and that many of the creations and ideas that can arise from these sites, and is available Although there are some TB Beat these means, but we have to admit that it has a set of positives on the lives of many, in terms of facilitating communication despite the increasing distance between them and travel.