Self Improvement Change Your Life

The world becomes a permanent and accelerating the wheel, and that we must keep pace with him as much as possible, otherwise we will keep our place are unable to cope with Edorholna, and will be lost us a lot of opportunities that God gives us of the creative abilities unused, and that could change our lives for the better.
The successful individual will automatically seek to grow, change, and innovation through the development of the same, what is the meaning that an individual develops itself? It is that an individual follows the policy operates on the development of skills, and his ideas, and his behavior, and his work, and his spirit, and convey the same to be better than it is, and also included giving up negative habits, and bad that hinder the process of evolution.
The development of self includes the development of the mind, soul, and spirit, making the individual feel satisfaction and excellence, for his change both the acquisition of new useful or abandon old bad, which helped him to identify life goals and achieve them, and Thaoh to deal with any problem facing professionally.
The science of self-improvement has become a science burgeoning human development in our time, because of its strong influence on the personality of the individual learns how controls and adjusts itself, roses do together and balanced management, as the individual knows distinctive abilities and creative for others, and how to invest Balnho achieved its objectives, and make it able to take a decision and workmanship, and to identify its goals and where to start and where to aspire and make it able to manage and organize his time and determine priorities, and how to think in a positive way, abandoning Altvkiralma in the perception of things.
The first step for the development of the individual self is to love and feel the individual importance of the same, even trying to move them to be better, otherwise will remain place, or in the case of deterioration, Once upon an individual is the basis of who is it today, and the support of the individual for the same stay and the benefit of it later, but if He decided to stay on a certain pattern and routine life, Vsasiba boredom, frustration, and despair and inaction.
Of the individual is his land, which he must sow where all useful, and get rid of everything that is harmful even reap the fruits of this change later. The second step is to identify the individual objectives in life, and make him feel that the importance of his presence in this life, but became his life in vain, may Ttakbtha problems from all sides.
The third step For individual wake-up Hmmh giant and abilities, and blow them up, God Almighty created the best case, and deposited in all of us enormous energies, and abilities latent, there are individuals discovered these energies and capabilities Vschroha for the reconstruction of the earth, and therefore achieved their goals and have tasted the taste of success, and they became life-makers, there are others did not even try to identify the potential Ftaloa their lives, marginalized themselves, and have become a burden for life, and others knew their energies, but did not seek to motivate, or Saroha on the wrong track, Fajsroa a lot of opportunities.
How the individual recognizes his energies and abilities? On the individual beginning to identify strengths and weaknesses in all areas, so that does not define itself and linking them in a particular area, and that recognize everything around him again is not limited to a specific area, but gives the same opportunities in several areas, even allowing him to learn more about the extent of its capabilities, he can count later determines what his desires, after the knowledge and abilities of the individual Brgbath more, begins developed gradually, and logical manner Mtzlsh, not even located in the dispersion. During this phase, the individual may also try to get rid of the disadvantages that hinder its development eg lack of confidence, and urgency, and distrust of others, or excessive confidence to others, and many other things that reduce the creativity of the individual, after achieving all this, the individual show several matters designated to the development and growth, for example, show the will of a solid and a strong desire hidden pay for the work of all the circumstances, the will may be weak and specific, and there is no incentive forward, on an individual pay attention to this matter, and treatment and only stayed in his place.
As they demonstrate the skill of time management, and the skill of communicating with others , one of the inspiring and very important skills, now comes the quest towards achieving the goals means available, innovate and invent other means appointed to the goal post, then comes the continuity stage, communication, and development in the field goal.
After achieving all that the individual will feel the pleasure of achievement and achieve the goal, and feel the importance of the same, and automatically it starts to evolve from one stage to another. He says: (Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves) .
Knowledge about the development of self-confidence Self-confidence is the faith of his business cards and individual potential, and its capabilities, and its decisions, which is the key of the keys to success in life, and the human loss of this skill lose a lot of opportunities, and wasted energies, which God gave him thus making him a human being negative. Self-confidence does not mean the vanity and arrogance, it is a skill like any other skill gained from surrounding individual and scalable environment for learning, development, change, do not generate by nature, as some believe.
The self-confidence back on the person tremendous benefits, they feel the individual as someone special Ghaderaly discovery capabilities and features, and earn individual reassurance and walk towards the decision without hesitation, and thus can determine its goals and move towards them at a steady pace, as self inspires a lot of confidence may be situations that require quick reaction.
There are some factors that cause a lack of self-confidence, and a source of risk to the individual, including anxiety and constant fear for things feared or expected failure, and addressing himself verbally destroy his self-confidence like I am unable, or I am weak, and other terms that reduce people, and weaken its value, and the comparison with the others, and their tradition may be a cause of the lack of self-confidence, every human being created by God with a special character in different capacities, it should be the individual himself resides based on the achievements of others, and does not give things Okbermn size, multiplicity dramatize situations and enlarge it may be the reason for the lack of confidence as well.
May have exposure to failure in the study, or work, or in a relationship as a cause of lack of confidence, and the perception of inferiority to the individual, and not Tukelhm responsibilities to all of the reasons contributing to the destabilization of self-confidence. The individual can overcome all of these things, build, and develop self-confidence again, all Huallah to give up his thinking in a negative way, stop humiliating himself, and does not roll past the painful memories that caused him to destabilize the self-confidence, and therefore determine the weak points, then put plan to develop them, and on the individual to convince exactly the same that God created for a specific reason, namely to work and achieve the succession in the ground, this feels a responsibility to create for it, and should be valuable to achieve seeks through its possibilities, the individual Visttia learn more about the potential and this increases his self-confidence.
As an individual address himself verbally success and chant always, like I’m capable, I’m successful, and other positives that are the source of inspiration of the individual, and it is also the face of the same concerns that Taatari his thoughts, and that starts Bagthamha find they were just illusions, and will be removed an obstacle in front of him.
The provision of assistance to others also help to raise the self-confidence; because the individual feels himself important, as that appearing in front of people look decent also help increase self-confidence, and ultimately what you have to do to love yourself and accepted by as they are with the quest to develop them for the better.
Develop the skill of the art Aaltoasl The art of communicating with others of the most important skills that will help the individual to define himself in front of the other skill, and thus help it to further its own interests, and benefits with them, and know the communication skill as a dynamic social process followed by the individual with others, to transfer information, or idea, given Oumvhom, certain Ohomchaar.
Communication skill of four elements: the sender, and the message is composed, and a means of communication, and the recipient of the message. It is supposed to result in the arrival of the whole message, and understood.
There are two types of communication: verbal communication, and this includes the use of pronunciation and speech as a way to convey the message, and this could be any direct contact and face-to-face.
The second type is a direct connection and includes written messages, phone call and other messages that are not face to face.
There are several bases in the skill of effective communication to be enjoyed by the sender even reach his professionalism, first: the skill of the audience and include focus, attention, and the balance of body language with the content of the message, then the message must be clear and understandable to others, and taking into account the posture comfortable and respectable manner.
In addition to directing Albesrand talk to the person to be even feel important, and choose the time and place to move the point of view, talk tone and clear voice, and avoid nods incomprehensible puzzles, and warn others Province during their talk, and assessment of, and comment on them, and be careful to criticize others, and leave the field to others Tobeiran for themselves, and accept their differences and perspectives, and must demonstrate the skill of empathy with others is part of the skill of listening and means the individual’s ability to understand the feelings and ideas of others.
This was the most important rules to develop the skill of the art of communication. Develop the skill of the art of listening Is the skill of the art of listening and listening of the most important skills and more easy to self-development skills, and they are exercised at all times, you must learn this skill because it will allow room for everyone to get to know others, their thoughts, their emotions, and thus help build relationships and effective communication with the others.
What does it mean to listen? Attention is directed to what the other side says, making him feel important and the listener, and you want to listen is for the listener to understand and determine what to say or complain about it the other party, and encourage him to continue to reveal and speech.
The listener must have multiple skills so fluent in the skill of listening, he should demonstrate good listening means the ability to hear things, and understand, analyze, and not just audible words, and do not interrupt the speaker during his speech does not address other subjects, and that the listener accepts spokesman full body, and eyes, and heard, and that interacts with the feelings spokesman silently expressed any body language Kaame head, facial expressions, and surprising, and should focus on what it says spokesman, nor the listener thinks the answer.
We must also stimulate the listener spokesman open questions, such as what do you think? What if ?, and you should talk to respect the formula you are away from forcing the other party justification, and to defend himself. This was the most simple rules for the development of the art of listening and contributing to the establishment of strong relationships with others, and earn their respect