Run iphone on tv

We have the latest iPhone since it appeared in 2007 uproar and the face of the technical world and the latest quantum leap technologically and mobile phones, and the reason for the emergence of a new generation of portable devices is the generation of smart phones, despite the great criticism issued against the iPhone when his first appearance as a device does not carry plate traditional keyboard or drop-down like the others, but in the end companies followed suit, and took imitate and innovate its organs inspired by this device.

Wonderful and interesting characteristics enjoyed by the iPhone is the ability to display its screen content on the TV screen, they reached large iPhone screen and the number of pixels contained in the high degree of clarity or so-called « Alrtina » but they remain small, some and annoy those who are accustomed to browsing and viewing photos on large computer screen, it will not be able to see the exact details of the pictures or video on the screen that does not exceed 3.5 inches.

One considered solution to this problem is that you are hooking your iPhone TV screen and move the contents of the iPhone to screen. Most of us if not all of us have a big screen with great quality, why not exploit this wonderfully? The answer to this question is that it is possible and easy, but it is also possible to cost some money, and the reason, of course, back to Apple.

Contact by Cable

The first way that you can see the content of your iPhone on your TV screen is connect the iPhone to your TV using a particular type of cable, but any of those species fit for this task?

Is available on the market three types of cables, but it is difficult to choose one of them because of the shape of the iPhone outlet, the three species are:  
1- Cable HDMI
They are available property in all TV screens (wide screen), and a link to a digital high-quality property HD, and if you own an iPhone as soon as or higher, you will be able to see all the contents of your device on the TV screen and not only pictures and videos.

2- Traditional triple cable
There is another way to connect the iPhone TV screen and is using a traditional triple cable, traditional cable triple, is a cable with three heads in different colors often be red, yellow and white, which was used to connect the receiver (receiver) with the TV screen. What’s wrong with this method is that these cables provide you with low quality, and this is a reason to see the pictures on the iPhone with high quality, rather than seeing it on television low quality.  

3- Five parties instead of three cable
Link the third to connect the iPhone to your TV is the cable has five parties instead of three, each party color is different from the others, and provides this cable connection, analog traditionally a relatively good results, but it is not recommended purchase before making sure that your TV screen contains ports to use this type of cable.