Recipes wishes each pair in the presence of women

Usually men meet on some of the qualities that prefer their presence in women, and consider its existence and its women when the ideal way to launch the title of it, and a reason for choosing a partner for life if they met and were available. Here are some of these qualities in the man he loves his wife.

Qualities of the husband wishes to reside in his wife

  • The man loves his wife to be smart and understood by reference; the man naturally prefers to talk about his feelings or some of the facts, and the things of his life indirectly when asked about the things that belong to him like: friends, or work, or tally for example , in the bank, the husband prefers his wife to be understanding of the nature; most men do not prefer to express their feelings in words, they express what they want more deeds; the husband practical in his feelings more than one wife, so often see that the husband does not hold long guessed the birth of his wife, or things that may enter the pleasure itself despite his knowledge of the simple reason that he loves Here in his own way, and thus express her practical loved and favored by the way, and are expected understanding of the reality of his feelings and the way they prefer to express these feelings.
  • The husband prefers the wife who left him time to set it himself, for example, sometimes we see the pair angry as a result of what position, and wants to sit alone to rearrange his thoughts, prefer the time to stay alone so he can think calmly, but we find the reaction of the wife is the urgency to sit down with him and his participation thinking, considering it as a kind of help, but the man does not prefer this attitude of the wife sometimes; where he needs to be calm for a period of time to re-arrange his thoughts, and then come and talk to them a clear mind to explain to her the problem and the solution that he found suitable.
  • The man loves the wife who is trying to overlook the problems, and forget about the negative emotions resulting from any problem; the man by nature exceeds the bad events quickly, while the wife remembers all the details of the problems that occurred between them and the pair even though it was since the beginning of the marriage.
  • The pair feels tenderness and safety of the wife enjoyed qualities-like qualities of his mother of good and contain, tolerance and forgiveness, Fterah it feels that he does not need a wife trolling his mistakes, and prepared it; it wants to wife groping excuses, and strength lies in its weakness.
  • The man does not like the wife who does not show its appreciation and love and respect for him, both in front of parents or children or with each other, which explains the escape pair of married life work or exercise sports, or preoccupation with computer games if he feels no satisfaction and appreciation for his wife.