Physical, mental and social health

Definition of health : ishuman condition without any sickness or disease, and health must be physical, mental, social, healthy mindinsound body. And proper human iswho feels physical integrity, which has a realistic view ofworld, and dealing with individuals in Gidh.

Oumany Health includes two things:
1- Safety of diseases.
2- Go disease after finishing. good health: To realize the concept of good health should be aware of the importance of the participation of the different aspects that exist for you and each one of us to get to your goal, and these aspects are:
1) Physical side: a concrete shape to the body and the senses of the five that make you feel, hear, smell, see and Taatdhuq.attalb good nutrition, weight appropriately, exercise meaningful and comfortable enough.
2) The psychological aspect: is the different emotions and feelings such as fear and anger to the feeling of love and joy. Learn to forgive others for their mistakes. You need to feel love , happiness and all the exhilarating sensations that gives you happiness with yourself and others.
3) The mental side: your thoughts, your knowledge, your actions, and your analysis Aatqadatk for yourself. You must be your own opinions and ideas backed and consider yourself a positive outlook.
4) The spiritual side: your relationship with yourself, your creativity, your goal in life and your relationship to the internal Brbak.tanaj quietly, opening up to your creativity and confidence in the internal knowledge.

All of these aspects related to each other. For example: If the mattress is haunted because of the pain suffered by a back (physical) can lead to a state of frustration (myself). Or if it ignores the case of anger from something (myself) can lead to a sense of a headache (physical).

Physical health elements
1) Nutrition: Integrated food nourishes the human body balanced nutrients that help build and grow and stay health. Classified into five groups in addition to water. These groups are:
1. sugars
2. fat
3. Proteins
4. vitamins
5. metals.

2) Physical exercise: Sports is working on the body remain valid and intact, and strengthen the muscles of the body, improve the mind , heart and breathing and digestion and muscle movement and sports to prevent physical problems and emotions.
3) Rest and sleep: Rest reduce fatigue and increase the activity and vitality and strength. Where adults may need a periods of sleep and hours of sleep more than Aldgar.qlh sleep lead to some physical and emotional problems and insomnia.
4) Cleanliness: Hygiene helps to prevent bacteria and skin diseases on the skin.
5) Dental: Take care Balosnano cleaned daily brushing their teeth after meals and before the growth and use of strings and the use of salt water constantly and gum care.

Mental health elements
1) Emotional growth: Mental human health affected by experiences that occur in his life at a young age .opalmwaagaf and happy and sad experiences.
2) Act with psychological pressure: Man can not get away from the stress and to help the man to deal with the pressure to do exercise, sleep for an appropriate period, and running and comfort, walking, meditation and contemplation and relaxation and concern.
3) Social relations: Mental health and social relations of the human person affected, and that allows intimate personal relationships with friends and relatives are great opportunities to get excited and support and courage and challenge, participation and success and Attaalmsahmh in various affairs of life.

Summary The mission of the health of humans, where attention must be paid out through the sport that make the heart, lung, bone and ligaments intact and permanent activity and strength. And keep healthy increase body flexibility and control of body weight and body helps to patience and endurance.