Marketing through Twitter

Marketing through social networking sites

Marketing is through the social networking sites of the most important marketing methods in the current era, so what features do these sites and widespread among all communities, groups of all stripes and colors and categories of age, but has become an intimate friend that Evarguena in our homes smart and our devices and mobile our phones.

This deployment feature established land marketing fertile uses of the wanted marketing product or service provided, using social networking sites, and statistics indicate own growing number of social networking sites and users during the past three years, the importance of these sites and the role played at various levels, including the marketing side.

The importance of marketing through social networking sites

  • These sites spread a large base exceeds all marketing and traditional mediaa.
  • Marketing which is characterized by the ability to accurately identify the target as opposed to other means to the public.
  • The possibility of measuring results and returns them.
  • The financial cost is much lower than other means.

Marketing through Twitter

Perhaps Twitter and Facebook come at the forefront of these social platforms nowadays, as the number of users of Facebook with the end of 2016 billion and 44 million users, and five people in the Arab countries there are at least two people have accounts on the site, as the number of site users Twitter at the end of the year 2016. 320 million users, Saudi Arabia occupies the lead in the list of Arab countries in terms of use.

And the importance of the elements of marketing through Twitter

Of the reasons why Twitter and Facebook of powerful platforms for marketing in addition to the large number of users, is a beautiful number of ads provided by each of them by type, for example, Twitter offers ads feature many different forms, commensurate with all the desires of marketers, and publicly enumerate some of them in this the article:

  • Tweet Engagement: Do you have a product and want his marketing and mobilize the public to him, just to publish a story or an advertisement in Twitter and use this type of advertising, and your ad will reach those who want what you want the budget you choose the time.
  • Gain Followers: If you’re looking for the spread of the reputation of your organization and draw a picture of her mind of the public, and want to increase your followers Hall, use this type of advertisement will achieve a lot.
  • Web Conversation: The purpose of this type of advertising to increase visitor traffic on your personal or your product site. In addition to other types of features each of which characteristics provide a range of benefits to the marketer.

The omission of these platforms from our marketing plans is a good decision, and use them according to the scientific methodology will bring us a lot of positives certainly.