Learn to defend yourself without damage

Not devoid of life in which we live from the inconvenience and Chagrins and conditions of oppression and injustice that must be one of us has passed, and man is a successful man who has the ability to overcome all the obstacles that are going through and make a lemon drink sweet, palatable, and here lies the human strength and his will solid to ward off the impact of injustice and oppression and abuse of others from him, and defend himself once subjected to similar situations in the future of injustice and others.

Injustice, which is located on people multiple types, it is sprouting injustice and physical abuse from persecution, beatings, violence and excessive use of force in the rhythm of harm to human beings, and this is on top of the pyramid of violent crimes against humanity and is anathema to the law and international norms and laws, and also there are psychological injustice that is you through tampering with your emotions and destroy yourself and your ability to progress towards better, no less serious psychological damage from physical as they cause a profound impact guarantor to destroy human life completely, and there is injustice in its different forms functional and social as injustice, all of the damage caused by injustice and oppression man must face and defend himself to avoid them and to avoid the negative effects that might fall on it.

Self-defense Is for moving him one of us to ward off lies somewhere on it from injustice or danger or hated existing or expected, and self-defense instinct in humans comes involuntarily in the risks to the circumstances that have one of us to use any methods available for self-defense, and in this article we will look at how learn self-defense to get rid of the hated injustice and danger.
Learn how to defend yourself If the risks and damage falling to human are the risks of physical material such as beatings and abuse perceived, it is necessary to gain physical skills in self-defense as learning combat sports with the noble purposes Kaltaicuando and karate, which is your goal of learning is to ward off the danger for yourself and repel harm that may cause out.

To defend yourself from others suffered injustice to you in your job or in your community, you have to acquire the skill of argumentation and provide irrefutable evidence that it assessed the argument on who wants Zlmk or your rhythm and thus have defended yourself. Looking to the law and study so as to be a lawyer for yourself, and that everyone can be a doctor himself then you can be a lawyer by knowing the practice of law you have the job or in the state in general, and thus protect yourself from any exposure to you, when to be the owner of information and knowledge the law to protect yourself and make others afraid to hurt you for fear of legal prosecution and punishment.