IT information Technology Fields

Information Technology, or IT is a new term, he entered the world in the atheist and the twentieth century, a deep big science, enters in all areas of life, a separate domain connected, wherever they had information of IT through it.

Information Technology: is the study and analysis, design and implementation of information technology programs that apply to the form of computer operations control systems in all its forms, but are relying on each other to develop and explore a decision in the future.
It was the beginning of a simple Information Technology, where she was based on the collection of information arranged and classified, and ways to keep them without a repeat, then it developed to link them to each logical chains facilitates access to as much information as the arrival of a single key.
Then take information technology to develop more and more, systems emerge and by which data entry and save it, having had the paperwork started, then the data relying on data bases and systems large entry systems evolved. And take many forms of information technology in the display, where some of which is a special institution itself through its system, including what is displayed certain applications, some of them operating under the online platform and websites.

In many branches of the information technology dependent on each other which the foundations of this science as a science data analysis under which the data are collected, analyzed and exit the structure of the building has to serve the system in which they operate.

In this science and other sciences, as a science user experience, when there are data collection standards to take account of the user experience in his work on systems, and experience in matters of social, cultural and other technology.

Science and technology-related information is the data design, having been collected and are arranged according to the design of the system, which is intended to do, and in many design concepts in terms of users’ privacy and gain access to the data, and the ease of handling of systems and others.
Follow-up systems and renewal is the process of IT operations. It is also essential that the development of Information Technology from time to time.

In another related science in information technology, a data mining and get them on the outlook for future decisions, it is known that the information technology significantly contribute to the decision-making institutions, whether commercial or otherwise, and that betting on the technical style of the user and thus increase the appetite of customers or the public institution, but this requires warned collect data that is obtained Balamavh to fight for more than a method to explore, to reach an optimal and closest to the realism. In the past, it limited the concept of Information Technology on the computer used to print files, according to today information technology are those computerized systems in the school and the pharmacy, university and company and Assembly, international organizations, and even in satellite control and in smart military missiles, all of which rely on information technology. We find that information technology is the main engine for all areas of economic and social life, a revolution that has built its strength many revolutions of high importance.