Involuntary movements have psychological meanings

body language

Is the body language is of paramount importance in the communication and to know what man wants the language, they are completely their importance as important as languages ​​speaking spoken tongue, but the body language and the language of the tongue go hand in hand together, and explains to speak to his health or his mistake by body language concurrent with him, Vkthren speak words free honesty, you may believe them who did not see them to hear only words, but if you saw the way his words and movements of his hands and looks his eyes, and the movements of his lips that Vsakchw what a lie and say is not true.

The body language includes all the movements carried out by the hands or facial expressions or foot or tones of voice or shaking the shoulder and head, communicate through body language is the most powerful types of communication as amounting to 55%, while contact 38% for the tone of voice, while the words take 7%, Words alone is not something that was not accompanied by body movements and gestures, used body movements volitional way or involuntarily; a teacher used voluntarily to convey information to students, as well as the doctor used in dealing with the patient, how if the doctor showed his fear of not the process that will be conducted by the patient will be affected by his psyche success , so it uses the body language to hide what he feels even temporarily, and the teacher hands movement uses a way that suggests Bhetwasalh with all his students in the classroom.

If involuntary movements reflect the human psyche, and can change this psychological change from human movements, mutual Valtotar as a cause and a result of movements between the psychological state; therefore involuntary movement of the movement known Msult it may turn out the light until it is changed.

Movements express psychic person

Move the throat in the ear or rings in the fingers : This movement indicates that the word that is said or heard where some embarrassment Vijvi the speaker to embarrass him by moving what in his fingers, as well as when he heard an embarrassing thing or do not like hands go up to the ear to tamper with them as evidence of confusion and try not to show it .
Biting lips : It serves as the closure of the mouth, ie refrain from talking, or after saying the words of a liar biting on the lip comes, or to prevent the words that the person wants to say, but bite on the lips so as not to appear.
Join hands : There are kinds of them, the mismatch coming together hands and interdependent with the closure of the palms of the hands and the closure evidence and the inability not to transmit or on reception, find a teacher this movement as a model when a lot of Aldjerin students who do not like the atmosphere of the school does not share, and also join hands indicate Return to the self – protection of the reaction may be annoying, and protect them from the words of annoying listening to him may hit it with something of fear.
Raise your hands to the level of the head : while talking hands are moving in all directions, but there is a general level of either the movement of hands along the body or at the head, if hands rose to the level of the head are all internal output Almknont of the same sailing in self – guide.
Put your hands in the pockets during the conversation : indicates something closing in talking with the other person and not wanting to tell him frankly speaking.