How to pass the GMAT test

GMAT test

Is an acronym for (The Graduate Management Admissions Test) is a test being submitted by those interested in studying business management programs and management graduate program, especially those who are planning to complete his studies abroad; it must pass the test of the (GMAT) successfully pass both the TOEFL and IELTS.

Certificate of GMAT certified and internationally recognized in international and international universities, both aims to develop his studies in both business and management, and even the Master in Business Administration, and must prepare for this test months before entering, and therefore must be involved before a long time; so is determined a date suitable for you; because this time the test takes place within the dates of specific frameworks, and appointments are determined in accordance with the registered numbers, and the enthusiasm of the students on them.

How to pass the test

Is a test done through the World Wide Web (Internet); therefore need to learn to write speed on the keyboard in Arabic and English, and anyone who does not know he can record the cycle of (ICDL), which give background on the computer, and how to use it and use its applications, with learning to print quickly , and introduces you to the way computers work properly and properly.

The four phases of the test

The first stage:

  • the full duration of an hour, which is writing based on the analysis and evaluationn.
  • Second stage: one-hour and a quarter which is about the amount of equations are solved from the cognitive background.
  • Phase III: duration of an hour and a quarter of which is a verbal test (ask specific questions and Tjebha orallyy).
  • The fourth stage: a half-hour which is about living in the student’s performance, and knowledge of its capabilities in linking cross-cutting themes in an analytical way, even level and knows the logical way of thinking in business and management topics.


Grades or marks are distributed according to certain rates ranging between 550 degrees and a minimum of 650 degrees maximum, and are distributed to the three phases depending on certain rates of the test itself, according to the authors of the test.

Test costs According to the US dollar Such a test is usually the cost of entering US 300$, and this amount is not comprehensive training courses, or even the subject matter, and most likely, the course material is available online for free, but there are institutes selling the original version approved material narrowly.

And ultimately become through this you can test knowledge in business management and the wider world, and the development of analytical abilities, and the possibility of a link between the topics, solve the most difficult topics after passing.