How to make cappuccinos

hot drinks

Recently flocked to restaurants and cafes in the provision of cold and hot drinks imported and innovative Western restaurants, especially from the European countries perhaps the most famous of Italy, is the Italian cuisine months kitchens in preparing delicious recipes, both in the dishes or desserts or drinks, such as drinks cappuccinos and drinks Espresso and Mocha and Napoletana.

Some adores eating coffee Alcab_ueno, some always wants availability and industry at home for lovers and lovers of cappuccinos, and there is more than one way to prepare and make a cappuccino, and perhaps what distinguishes cappuccinos is the foam cappuccinos good taste, where the foam covers two-thirds cup of coffee or a cup of milk.

Methods of making cappuccinos

There are four ways by making foam Kab_eo, as follows:

The first way

  • It is to bring instant coffee powder and full-fat milk.
  • Milk is placed in a bowl and put on the fire for a minute without reaching the boiling point.
  • Milk is poured into a cup and be moved with a mixer or put it in a blender until they are foamm.
  • After that is placed on the milk foam cup hot coffee or a cup of hot milk, and added to coffee and is a good move
  • We note that the foam still maintain two-thirds of the cup.

The second method

  • It is brought half a cup of sugar and a cup cold water, and half a cup of instant coffee powder preparationn.
  • All materials are placed in a blender and are mixed until the mixture becomes like precious, and this is precious placed in an airtight container.
  • This foam is used or stones add to the hot milk and hot coffee.

The third way

  • When preparing a cup of hot milk, add a spoonful of vanilla powder, and the milk and whisk vanilla Balkhvaq well to be the stage of foam
  • When this is added a quick coffee preparation to the hot milk, and is savoring the drink to drink this rich foam.

The fourth way 

  • Bring are three teaspoons of cocoa, and two tablespoons of coffee and one teaspoon vanilla and four large spoons of sugar and cold water.
  • These amounts put in a blender and then are placed in a bowl, and Khvgaha Balkhvaq to get rich foam, and save them in a bowl and put it in the refrigerator because it is a cohesive foam.
  • When using this foam is prepared cup of hot milk, low–fat or whole milk according to the desire of the person, and add a tablespoon of foam in the cup, and poured milk boiled with stirring for making intensive foam in the cup.
  • The decorating foam cappuccinos white has its way, where coffee is often sprayed over the foam on different forms to get decorated with a glass of foam cappuccinos.