How to call recording in iphone

In the modern era and after the invention of the telephone network, after the spread of the Internet and the emergence of applications that allow communication with everyone, and smart phones works originally to interact with other phones on the same network that you connect to phones between users on the network communications, and sometimes the need for some users to maintain users calls and recording which makes freedom of the person re-hear some important calls that sometimes contain important information in the work and the rest of the things of life, modern companies that smart phone manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC, and months of products and phones that are spread between people , a phone that Apple worked on manufactured and labeled for iPhone Bojialh successive, and to record calls usually on smart phones have to rely as great on applications assistance are developed and Tstaibha on smart phones, because the iPhone closed system is not allowed to change different applications only through Tstaibha on the iPhone through the Apple store located in the phone.

Applications months and most accurate in the registry for calls is the application (call recording) which allows the registration of a large number of phone calls that send or receive on the phone, and features that make the program an excellent very it records automatically 40 conversation deleted continuously all reached 40 conversation , saved calls and keep only saved from the inbox to the saved calls, using the application makes the iPhone photoactive recording with all incoming and outgoing calls to the contact number.

Caveats that must stand up then when the registration process, the registration process is sometimes a violation of the privacy of others if special private some people with information talks, which makes their calls are published and distributed with others, and this brings in great times very big problems between friends and colleagues at work because of those calls concerning the parties are not entitled to the party to deal with them freely without consulting the other party, and sometimes phone calls are evidence of the court registration of its own confessions.

It is also possible to record phone calls via a normal voice recorder in the iPhone where issued choppy voice in the iPhone and makes the other user know that the call is recorded, and also recording using voice recorder where they become accurate registration is very bad and the sound is not clear in the registry on it, and also register normal audio recorder in the iPhone makes it tidy calls and also works on the normal call makes calls where intermittent calls are separated in sequence with the caller and the recipient to connect, and the process of checking calls will make non-calls to interact with it originally chopping.

Each user of the iPhone hopes that the system is open and adjustable various of systems which are closely parented with the user interaction with the computer and online applications and multiple.