How to become social and interact with others

There is the fact that you should never lose sight of when talking about the social character, this fact is that the social skills Like the rest of the other skills mastered by a person without the other they skills can be trained by humans, such as art, sports, literary skills and others, we can say that the social arts It is an independent art itself contains many of the skills that could be adequately trained by the human to become socially and influential people, so here are some tips and guidelines that contribute to the development of social skills in your personality.

Stay away from criticism: there are a lot of people tend to criticize those around them constantly, as you find them often avoid social interaction for fear of criticizing others, and this naturally reflects a negative image of the person, it is important that everyone accept regardless of the positive and negative qualities and show trust yourself and not care about the criticism.

Find out as much as yourself: Some people suffer from fear of being always under the eyes of the people, and this reduces the social interaction of a person, so you do not think you’re interesting is excessive and that people do not have anything your watch only that the spotlight is always you alone, it does not mean this is of course that you feel a person is important, but never put yourself in the right place without excess or negligence.

Flexible yourself: As we mentioned in the beginning, the art of social networking Like the rest of the skills that should be rehearsed to reach perfection, and this is done by dealing with people and interact with them and return yourself to rub them on a daily basis, for example , tried to go to places that are frequently the presence of people by places such as clubs or shopping or mixing with colleagues in the workplace or university, participated in social events and devoted time to talk with friends, talk with people who are obliged to deal with them on a daily basis as a driver or taxi sellers.

Interaction with others: If you would like to appear in a social and interesting to the attention of others, it will be important that you show your interest in them, interacting with them positively for example , when talking with someone listened to what carefully say, look at his eyes as he speaks, he tried to ask him questions can feel your passion talking. In conclusion, always remember that personal social does not mean to be a friend of all, it is impossible to satisfy all the people, but focused on the surrounding your circle of relatives, friends and colleagues, is not afraid to hold talks with new people, it is possible that this person is a close friend later .