How to become a successful person and what are his qualities

How to become a successful person One day it was discovered the famous Christopher Columbus was invited to the banquet in the presence of the king of Portugal, and it was a lot of attendees harbored him envy and maliciousness and hostility to the position where he arrived and his success unparalleled, and by eating all the food, I love Columbus to petting the audience, he handled a boiled egg was on the table in front of him and went to ask the audience: Who can you that this egg vertically stop on the table? He began each one of them trying to make it stand vertically but all their attempts failed, they asked him: Could you? What was Columbus only and removed the crust from one of the ends of the egg horizontally and assigned to it, he said to him with one voice: we had to do what I have done, answered quietly: did not do? For example, when walking is said to perform one of them is what begins incompetents criticism and say the words « egg of Columbus » has become: if we like it we did it, The successful man is that man who does what others do not, many Valmhn, but Achievers where few, if successful man has a sense of initiative always, and cause others in lethargy and pessimism and surrender and disability. What are the qualities of a successful man :
First : the initiative.
Second : perseverance.
Third : Do not delay.
Fourth : the use of time and employment and dividing the work and achievement and recreation and rest.
Fifth : Learning from the mistakes of others.
Sixth : audacity without recklessness, and bravery without haste, and think before you measure.
Seventh : self – development and continuous regeneration innovative and creative.
Eighth : Permanent optimism – enchantments well find -, enthusiasm and hard work, and look positively to life.
IX : seize opportunities and lack of complacency and inaction and neglect of responsibilities.
Tenth: to take advantage of the failure and not to give up and continue to try.
A ten: get adequate rest to keep the body healthy and the mind clear.
Twelve : not to be affected Balvashleyn and the pessimists and defeatists and Aleghantin and desperate, and follow in the footsteps of successful entrepreneurs and optimists and enthusiasts and unsure. The signs of success is not determined by how much you have money and what I got from the titles, nor the possession of power or prestige, but the signs of success is the amount of the flame of hope and giving, self-confidence and complacency that burning in your soul does not fade in all circumstances.