How many muscles of the human body

The human body

The human body contains 206 Azmat, including 22 bone found in the human skull, As for the muscles , the human body contains 620 different muscle, the most powerful masseter muscle between the jaws, and the largest thigh muscle, Valadilh is strong and elastic fabric makes the body parts moving.

In the daily life of human uses muscles in different types of movement; When eating, for example , used jaw muscle to chew food, and help other muscles in turn food into the stomach or intestines, and make the chest muscles of breathing possible. muscle covering all the human body, and when growth is increasing the size of the muscle, and at puberty become the muscles make up half the weight of the body.

Muscle types

Muscles are divided into two basic types; the structure of muscles, and other smooth, and occupies its own heart muscle combines skeletal muscle and smooth.

Skeletal muscle
Skeletal muscle functions
Many of the structural functions of muscles:

  • Working on the cohesion of the bones structure .
  • Giving shape and stent.
  • Move the body.
  • Skeletal muscles make up the bulk of the legs, forearms, abdomen, chest, neck, and facee.

Skeletal muscle formation
Muscle is made up of cells called fibers, and fibers are on a long cylindrical shape, if viewed within the microscope will appear in the form of a dark package exchange with a bright package called Altakttat, so also called on the name of the skeletal muscle muscle planned . Fibers are connected to each other connective tissue, and are related to the end of the muscle with the bone tissue strong connective tissue as well.

How skeletal muscles work
Skeletal muscle in two ways works, it works in duplication:

  • Flexor : where you bend the joint and comes close to the body.
  • Extensor : The function Unlike flexor.

For example, the biceps at the front of the upper arm are bent, and when they constrict this muscle bends the facility and move the forearm and hand hand Almunecar, located muscle triceps behind the humerus and be extensor, and when constrict straighten the attachment and the forearm and hand move away from the facility. At the same time , the biceps relax so that you can triceps muscle that attracted back to the original. Sometimes called voluntary muscles; they move involuntarily under conscious control, and skeletal muscles involuntarily moving without conscious control, for example , involuntary movement occurs when a person away from his hot body automatically without thinking about it.

Smooth muscle
These muscles are smaller than the skeletal muscle fibers, contain a single nucleus.

The whereabouts of the smooth muscle
There are smooth muscle by less than the skeletal muscles in the body, found in the following places:

  • The walls of the stomach and intestines, blood vessels and bladder .
  • Skeletal muscle in the smooth muscle fibers is planned.

Way of smooth muscle work
Way of smooth muscle work for skeletal muscle are different, they work as follows:

  • Working slowly and automatic contraction followed by rhythmic natural relaxant system, and in this way to move various body processes.
  • Smooth muscle known as muscle tics because they are not under the control of the conscious brainn.

Cardiac muscle

It is the muscle that make up the heart, and is working on the continuity of the heart to pump blood continuously.

Modus operandi of cardiac muscle
When constrict blood cells pay in the arteries outside the heart, and spins the blood everywhere in the body, bringing food to the cells. combines the heart muscle between the structural characteristics of the muscle and smooth muscle ; so that contain Takttat structural Kaladilat, and contain all cardiac muscle cell on a single nucleus constrict automatically, such as smooth muscle fibers.

The impact of sports on muscle

  • When lifting the person several heavy weights for a short period each day the muscles grow larger; this exercise makes the muscle nucleus increase in the production of yarn thick and thin.
  • When a person to perform an exercise lightly regularly for a long time, such as swimming for thirty minutes, the muscle fibers increase their energy they need to maintain such a muscular effort production.

Sometimes it happens confusion normal muscle function; feels the person sometimes muscle strain painful if he exercises an arduous long, includes a tensile muscular structure of the muscles Systole intramuscularly Chngjia, and no one knows exactly why it happens like this muscular tension, but it is likely to be caused by an increase or decrease more too much liquid salts in the ocean fiber muscle.

By comfort and proper nutrition body can correct the situation to stop muscular tension. Can muscle tension occurs in the smooth stomach and intestinal muscles, and uses heat and massage doctors and medicines in the treatment of muscular tension . May cause muscular work hard skeletal muscle rupture , which may last up to four days in severe cases, it is likely to be due to damage to the muscle and connective tissue, and the proper workout the body can adapt to the muscles and muscular hard work, and much lower risk of tissue damage.

Sport strength and lifting weights
Sport is the force ( in English: Powerlifting) of the sports that need a large muscular effort; the competition depends on the amount of weight mobile, so the lifting of the weight comes from muscle strength. The players and the training daily load weights and try to increase it , with a diet helps to restore and build muscle after training.

Bodybuilding ( in English: Bodybuilding) is a sport is contested in terms of size and shape of the muscles, Training of players includes carrying weights and doing certain exercises to amplify each muscle separately and the increase of the detailed and clarity of angles, players and needs to be integrated diet to restore muscle and build, but the same time to avoid increasing the proportion of fat in the body to keep the muscle phenomenon and clear.

Muscle diseases

  • Muscular dystrophy : the nervous system and the nerve to attack the disease that stimulate the muscles, and this leads to nerve damage, and thus shrinks the muscle gradually become weak, for example by motor neuron disease.
  • Ill muscle : it occurs weak muscle ; because the muscle itself is not working as it should, and is characterized by some disorders , muscular dystrophy progressive structural muscles.