How do you know that the person loves you in psychology

the love

Love innate natural affection between the people of the human race, and the psychology of love knows that basic emotion produces secretions because of a chemical in a region of the brain affect the heart; begins to feel affection and attraction of intimacy and attachment, and finally love.

Love takes many forms; some of which is instinctive born with human Khab parents for their children, love of children for their parents, love of the homeland and origin, the love of God Almighty, the love of our brothers to each other, another kind of love arises from the positions and chemical attraction between the two or more love of the relatives and friends to each other, the love is caused by emotional and emotional opposite sex attachment as a result of chemical secretions as claimed psychology; but the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his last words he considered this kind of love sustenance from God, he said, peace be upon him in love with his wife, Mrs. Khadija may Allah be pleased: « but it gave birth to her love. »

Love has come mentioned in the Quran in Surah Yusuf Aziz to talk about a woman and her love to Joseph, peace be upon him Gallery says: « You may love her passion. »

Way of knowing the love of the person you

Into each personal privacy of a person does not allow one to approach this space or see it at all; if you are allowed to move closer, know that he loves you.
Listen for long periods without feeling weary or bored even if talking bis.
Meet with a smile no matter how sincere grief or pain or problems.
Attempt to physical closeness you by touching the shoulders or hands or pat on your back.
Permanent question about you and in the presence of your surroundings deliberately, and communicate with you by phone or Internet at all times.
Attention in front of you and elegance often try to know from you what you love about the opposite sex from Hndam or hairstyle or the smell of perfume and works on the implementation of what I said even if it was against what is usual it.
Permanent attention to your eyes.
Attempt A.e.k even at the expense of his happiness, and the implementation of desires.
All you care about is one of the first priorities; Veken keen to identify your friends and your family and your relatives and your hobbies and interests.
Accept error and you Msamehtk without apology.
To find a person present with you at the time of distress gives you the moral and material support, and help you without charge on achieving your business and your own projects, even at the expense of his time and his work.
If you feel someone you jealous, and thrown himself into the problem with others to defend I know that he loves you.
Care to your advantage, and guide you for the best for you and offer advice without asking or consulting; Love that prompted him to do so.