How do I do a blog


Spread blogs that deals with owners of various subjects either documentation or opinion, and is considered blogging form the new proportional to the technological development of the expression of opinion and ideas in specific freedom of space, with the ability to display those views and knowledge on others and share, and the advantages of blogging that can bring a material profit for blogger through commercials that are presented to the readers, in addition to the moral gains that may be obtained if the blogger spread his views were influential in a large segment of readers or those who follow the blog, as happened in many cases around the world.

Successful Blogging

  • First has to be that the person has a platform for blogging, and there are many sites that offer this service free of charge and in all languages ​​is the best known and most easy to use Google site, you only need to register an account on the site and create a blog and then start blogging through writing topics where paired specialize pictures and videos illustrations when needed.
  • The other side of the successful blogging is the topics for the Code, which must be accomplished where and is able to add in order to activate the blog and get a large number of followers, and preferred to look for new ideas to put forward the discussion and knowledge transfer through translation if possible.

How to Create Blog

  • We will talk here about the creation of a blog on Google’s Blogger because of being the most easy to build and use to add articles and edit them, so the steps are as follows:
  • Create an account on the Google site to be able to access Google products through itt.
  • Login on Blogger site by adding the user name and password Google workers, and you will find a window that allows you to create a new code by pressing them, do so and add the name of your blog and the patron to be a new and easy to remember the observers name, and is different from the model for your blog’s address name, the model is written Arabic while the title is what is written in English.
  • Your access to that stage has created a blog already, and left to choose one of the templates provided by you to the site to improve the appearance of the Code and the personalization that you want them, which must be suitable for the nature of the subjects age and the slide that Takatabha Blog.
  • The last step is to create topics and edit them by adding videos and images, and you’ll find a window that allows you to control the font type and size with the ability to add your Links external articles, and can follow blog add comments after you publish your articles, noting the possibility of creating more than one blog in the same private user Google workers name.