Hair care for dry and damaged

hair care

Many people suffer from hair problems, which are many of them embrittlement, weakness in general, and the loss of luster and vitality, in addition to precipitation, and the slow growth of hair, and in this article we’ll show ways of hair care to avoid all of these problems.

The habits that increase hair problems frequent washing and drying and the large number of added sterile chlorine water use in the hair bath process, leading to dry hair and brittleness and hair loss, knowing that the reasonable rate of the average number of hair in the head almost 150,000 hair, and what causes drought, precipitation and embrittlement hair problems It is the frequent use of electric hair dryer, or Curlers electric hair, frequent frequency of swimming pools, or even frequent hair washing in the same detergent, and the hair is affected by weather factors surrounding, such as the sun and wind rays, which leads to dryness and the occurrence of some problems

Dry Hair Care

It is characterized by dry hair Bajafavh and free of fat resulting from the secretion of the sebaceous glands of the oils, so less gloss in it, and should consult with care and cosmetic doctors and experts in that, and there are some tips for the care of dry hair:

  • Avoid pigments containing chemicals greatly affect the hair follicles and weaken, and possible to produce the various cancers, as well as to blow dry which leads to brittleness and dryness.
  • Domi weekly on an oil bath to stimulate blood circulation to your scalp, and in order to produce the fat that reduces drying your hair, be Ptdlakk to your scalp with any hair tonic oil, such as castor or cactus or corn oil or others, then cover your hair before showering hour, then rinse .
  • Majoritarian of massage your hair with your fingers and make a lot of Tmsheeth because it promotes the secretion of fat, and this naturally makes your hair and take care of your body itself.
  • Pay attention to the type of food intake, as should Turkzi on high-fat foods, foods rich in protein and eat, they dry hair increases the quality.

Hair Care Treated

It is well known that the dye affects the hair on his strength, growth and density; what contain powerful chemicals that have significant damage, especially if the hair itself suffers from damage Kaltqcef and others, so there are some tips that will help take care of hair dyed:

  • Avoid hair dye if your hair is suffering from weakness or embrittlement, as the weak hair is not strong enough to withstand the chemical constituent effect.
  • Before you dye your hair must be sure your chosen color, to protect the hair back from damage to chemicals if they do not fit with the color of your skin.
  • Avoid the dye at home, and go to fluent dye in salons, and if I had to cast it at home Read full instructions on the package.
  • Doctrinaire oil bath continuously, ensuring the utmost care of your hair dyedd.
  • Use a special shampoo hair dyed, as it maintains more than regular shampoos on the color of the dyee.
  • Dye leads to damage your hair, though this happened must Taalgih natural recipes, and more widespread and widely used combination ring with crushed yogurt recipes, put it before showering two hours, then rinse.

Hair Care curly

Curly hair draws attention to the complexity and Khconth tuft, a need to care outweigh all other species, so you must do these steps that we have proposed for hair care curly:

  • Avoid using the brush to lay off your hair, it seems to make it Ohosa, and use a comb teeth rather than a broad brush.
  • Always make sure to give luster to the tuft of hair, so that the spray-rich bribe to shinee.
  • You can use your fingers to decipher the characteristics of hair tangled processs.
  • After washing the hair process should not Tmsheeth it is wet, dry and leave it alone; it is wet because Tmsheeth harm him.

Damaged Hair Care

The damaged hair needs to be a special treat damaged care, in order to regain its vitality and earn effective hydration, increasing brighter and beautiful so advise you to take care of damaged hair as follows:

  • Try to get rid of damaged tufts and that crop them, in order to allow your them to grow againn.
  • Domi on the parties cut your hair every 6 or 8 weeks, in order to get rid of the damagedd.
  • Try to stay away or minimize the use of blow dry your hair which damages and weakens and wasted efforts to take care of the damaged your hair, though I had to use it to make sure the temperature is not high, and Abaadih sufficient distance from your hair.
  • Try to use a soft hair brush so as not to hurt your hair and tornn.

Light Hair Care

Methods of Light Hair Care:

  • Use a mild shampoo suitable for your hair to Aktvh and nourishedd.
  • Try to resort to hair styles that hide lightness, which vary between the length and size of the palace so increasee.
  • Use natural mixtures of oils, to intensify tuft.
  • Use appropriate creams to take care of light hair.

Hair Care Canteen

Hair Care Canteen Follow these tips:

  • Domi on the use of bath oil for your hair, it handles these Altqcefatt.
  • Try to decipher between the tangles tuft of your hair, the long this tangle it is bombarded by your hair and torn.
  • Use Balsam permanently, it facilitates the discharge process and not Iqcefh Iszewvhh.
  • Do not leave your hair after washing exposed to air it becomes vulnerable to bomb, so cover it until it driess.
  • To ensure the best results of hair care Canteen Cut down the use of blow dry, and all severe heat devices.

Hair Care Coarse

Coarse hair is difficult to discharge, intertwined tuft, so we advise you to follow the coarse hair care as follows:

Domi on the work of the oil baths for your hair, it is more fair than any other drought and the oil bath Anashh and protect it from drought.

Do not use any type of balm only soothes your quality of your hair coarse and it Inamh Ahdihh.

Do not Tljia to the use of lotions that enters alcohol in their composition, they do not treat it and even increase wrinkling and endure other defects.

Stay away from high-temperature blow dry, and use the hair that softens Khconth and wrinkling Gell.

Commonly used natural recipe for hair care coarse: ¼ cup of boiling water mixed with a quarter cup of olive oil, put the mixture in a blender to mix becomes a drops, then put the mixture on your hair, and Dlkih well to be up to the breeding grounds of your hair and limbs, then cover your hair for a quarter of an hour, and then harrows, so you get a smooth and silky hair.

Hair Care Mufrod

Hair Mufrod the secret beauty of women and the home of its attraction so you have to keep up on your hair and is Vd, and ways of hair care Mufrod:

  • When washing your hair try not Taatrkih Vda; so as not to be affected by air and not being bombedd.
  • Domi on the work of bath oil for your hair once a week, they are the most important ways of hair care Mufrodd.
  • Use a conditioner for your hair after Gslk he keeps it and Ahdihh.
  • Stay away from shampoos that do not benefit them, and use the shampoos that nourish your hair and containing protein.

Hair and Extendible Care Always a woman to love her hair over taller because her beauty is increasing, and its glory and Hautea are linked to her hair, so trying hard commitment in ways that meet what you dream of and what you love her hair, so we recommend doing these tips if you want to take care of hair and Extendible:

  • Drink plenty of water, and the quantity must not be less than eight cups per dayy.
  • You should enjoy your hair high hygiene, so take care of itt.
  • Domi on sports daily and Thlka yourself.
  • Avoid eating fat or Cut them, and refugees to foods rich in protein needed by the hair to strengthenn.
  • Avoid smoking.

Long Hair Care

Long hair needs to take care of more than short hair to maintain its strength and beauty care, so stick to the following to care for long hair:

In order to protect your hair from embrittlement, Qusay limbs every eight weeks, and air vulnerability after washing.

Your hair needs a bath Zetia every week, even if your hair is tired and dull, it needs a bath Zetia twice a weekk.

Use natural blends that strengthen your hair, the most famous long hair care mask: tablespoon vinegar, two tablespoons of olive oil, egg yolk and mix the ingredients and put them on your hair before washing it for half an hour, you’ll notice his strength and beauty and brilliance.

Hair Care Dropping

Produces hair loss for many reasons, affecting the hair and weaken and help hair loss from Mnapth, including neglect of falling hair or stainless loss care, so you know influential causes and work to treat, Vtsaqt hair in need of care and take care of two big, and the most important causes of hair loss:

  • Hair and a small comb teeth helps hair loss, or hair pulling comb incorrectly when tangled _khaslathh.
  • Psychological discomfort, severe thinking and Anxiety affect the psychological, and help hair loss, so it is advisable to avoid anxiety and relaxation.
  • Continuously rich dyes and lotions with chemicals that weaken the hair and Tbhth and make it fall, so you should stay away from these materials, and the trend towards natural mixtures that strengthen hair.
  • Anemia in women affects the hair follicles, because it is a rich element responsible for feeding Follicular ironn.
  • Poor selection of food in terms of quality and componentss.

Hair loss treatment

We recommend the use of this natural recipe for hair care falling that sings your hair: Adhenne roots of your hair and your scalp with castor oil and then cover it with a handkerchief or towel soaked with hot water for a full hour before washing it, it helps to intensify the hair and stop hair loss.

Hair Care fatty

  • If you are a women with greasy hair Use free of chemicals that affect Besellath natural shampooo.
  • You must Tptaadi when showering for hot water, it stimulates the secretion of the glands of fat, but warm water Use near cold.
  • When bathing foam Leave 5 minutes on your hair before rinsing, and wash your hair on Domi three times a week to get rid of fat quickly.
  • Stay away from fatty food containing spices, spices and warm, it stimulates the secretion of fat.
  • Every night attached to the remains of the painting in your pillow and thus stimulate the secretion of the glands, so you switch cover your pillow almost every two days.
  • Do not Thmli fatty hair care because it is secreted by fat constantly.

: The subject of hair care is not a medical reference, please see your doctor.