Google custom search engine

Google search engine

The Google Search Google Search search engine months engine, the most widespread and widely used in the Web; it receives a thousand million searches during the same day, has been Google’s search engine in the 1997 version by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and with that Google dozens of different products in the multiple areas; as products web, mobile, social networking, geographic information, and products office, but the search engine is the product the most important months for Google, so that many people do not know about Google but her research engine, and perhaps the reason for this is that when you go to site you will find that the search space occupies a surveyor Of the largest of the page, and be visible to a user in the middle of the screen.

In this topic we will discuss how to correct search in Google by using different methods, and we will remember ways and tricks are not known to many people to be found a better and more accurate results.

How Google Search

Simply by

The first advice provided by Google support site to search words in the Google search engine, is that your search simple words indicate what you want to search for it to start, for example, you can write « Where is the Ajloun city? » Or « What are the most important figures in the Middle East? » , do not worry about spelling mistakes; Fjocal improves the disposition of these cases, it modifies the spell fault and shows you the results after the amendment, unless, of course, was not a typo, you can then click on the link that appears at the top of the page before the search results, which preceded the phrase « Search instead for ».

Through correctly

Google advised its users using the correct expressions, for example: instead of to write « my head hurts me, » type « headache », this is the word that you will use specialized medical sites, which is your goal in this research certainly.

A stroke of luck

After writing the subject of your search or your question in the designated box, you can press the Enter button to show you search results (showing you the first 10 pages of search results), or if you are a believer Bhzk, click on the icon « stroke of luck » to take you directly to the first link was It will appear in the search results.

Search Pictures

Provides you with Google image search service, which enter in the search box image instead of typing words to search, this research shows you the results of web pages that have been used this image, to perform an image search; Open on the search page images image search, and you’ll find a photo small camera appeared within the custom to write search words the place, when you press them, you can upload an image from your computer or paste an image link exists on the Internet.

Search Sound

This method is particularly useful for mobile users, which enabled further to search in English, start by saying « OK, Google », then I follow a sentence or a question describing what you would like to search for.

Fast services

Google search provides quick answers to some of your questions on the engine, and some of these topics that answer you about before search results appear online:

  • Weather: If you type in the search box , for example , « Weather in Dammam, » you’ll see a quick answer contains a temperature in Dammam today, for a week, and also rainfall, wind speed and direction for each day of this week.
  • Calculations and graph: Google search on a calculator built -in engine contains, give you quick answers if I wrote a mathematical equation in the search box, type , for example , « 5 * 867 » and will give this calculator you answer immediately before displaying search for this equation results, and this calculator contains some advanced associations such as sin, cos, log, e, and others, and offers you Google also diagrams if the object of your search is a particular association; if I wrote , for example , « cos x » will show you results in a chart describing the coupling pocket x (cos x) .
  • Transfers units: If you type in the search box « 5 km to m, » Google Vsaattiyk number Almtrut in 5 kilometers, that the process of transforming from a kilometer to a meter. A programmer to make transfers a lot of different units; units height, weight, size, temperature, and others.


After you performed the search results appear, you can specify the type of search results by selecting a specific tab, there are options: Web, video, images, Olobar, maps, books, and applications, to choose a tab of these tabs, see the list of tabs that appear under the box Search and top of the search results.

search tools

In the same tabs list, there is a last resort option called « search tools », which also helps you determine your search to be more accurate, you can use this option: country, language, Aoelloukt, city, who recognize the existing web pages in search of thy results, and in if your search using images, « Search Tools » menu includes other options; in the size of the images such as selection of results, and color, and type, and the time it is loaded, and the rights associated with the use, and so on.

Use the icons to find the exact

There are some icons that you can use when you type in the search box, so help you to choose your search results closest to what you want, and you some of these codes:

  • Plus sign (+): used in case you want to show you pages that contain two or more words, if written in the search box « notebook + pen + eraser » will show you the results that these three words contain necessarily, and will not show you a page that contains two words of them only, as is the case when you do not use this tag.
  • Minus sign (-): When using this code before a word or a Web site in the search box, the exception of this word or location of the results, for example: search for « detail -qmac » will show you web pages that contain the word « detail » but do not contain the word « canvas », can also merge with the previous two markers, such as: « toys + -krh children »
  • Quotation quotes ( «  »): means used to search search for pages that contain exactly between the two brands and without any change engine. For example , search for « Be beautiful you not increase » will not show pages that contain « Be you increasingly beautiful. »
  • Word intitle: used to search for pages that contain a specific word in the title, and is used by typing this word, and then two points docked, and then the word to be searched. For example: « intitle: opportunity. »
  • The word allintitle: have the same use intitle, but if you want to specify search for pages that contain more than one word. For example: « allintitle: business opportunity. »
  • The word inurl: It is to search for pages that contain in their URL link to a specific word, such as: « inurl: USA ».
  • Word allinurl: used to search for pages that contain several words in Rabottha, not one word.
  • Two points Mttabatan (..): It is placed between the two numbers in the search box to show you the results that contain any number in the range between these two figures.

There are many other symbols and innovative ways in which it produces a reliable Google to facilitate and customize the search process, and you can see them and learn to support Google site, be smart and use them every time.