Full Cinderella Story

Full Cinderella story 

Cinderella was living with her father after her mother died, and after a period of time, her father decided to marry a woman to raise his Cinderella; due to the preoccupation with its work and functions, from a woman Get married with two girls whose names Catherine and Jenny.

Was the wife of the father of Cinderella and her daughters pleased not ; where they are treated Cinderella worst kind of treatment, and they make them work , such as servants in her home as soon as her father out of the house.

One day , the king of the state in which you live Cinderella and her family decided to establish a ceremony in which all the daughters of the state calls so chooses one of them a wife for his son, and sent an invitation for each house of the state houses, and when I got the call to the house of Cinderella received her stepmother and read it , and decided to go is and her daughters, and leave Cinderella at home alone.

When Cinderella knew that it was sad great sorrow, and I took crying crying heavily, and what came the day of the concert, wore both Jenny and Catherine the most beautiful cloaks and Tugeta with their mother to the king , leaving the Palace of Cinderella alone in the house, was grief fills the heart of Cinderella, but suddenly something happened strange and sudden Cinderella; he appeared to her great and good witch, and told her not to cry, because it will help her.

The good witch honest as she says, has managed in simple movements that make Cinderella wears beautiful clothes and shoes, and made her a big horse-drawn carriage, and ordered the horses to take Cinderella to that concert.

Thank charming Cinderella so much, and she wanted to go to the concert quickly, but when they leave Nnbhtha charming need to go back to her house before midnight, and because the effect of magic will end in the second ten completely, Cinderella and promised that it would do so, and is committed to it literally.

When I arrived Cinderella to the concert Prince by much impressed; beauty, and a good heart, and decided that his choice as his wife, she was Cinderella very so happy, but I paid attention to the time , and as a few minutes separated from the twelfth, she wanted Cinderella out immediately ran speeding to her house, exclamation Prince of it, and he by running behind them , but he could not aware, but during Jeriha stumbled, and signed , including one of the individuals bootstraps, left Cinderella of its wheels and take the prince, and after the ceremony the end of the narrative of his father , the story of a girl who liked, he decided to take an individual shoe and looking for its owner in each house of the village houses.

During their tour in those houses, did not enter this shoe feet any girl from the village girls to the prince arrived at the house of Cinderella, Catherine tried and Jenny wearing them, but they failed in that too, asked the prince if at home another girl goes for as the maid, and she It will not please him, but he insisted that he sees. Prince by the club and ordered her to test the shoe, and it was very appropriate to her, Vtzla Prince, and knew that Cinderella is a girl who was sitting with him, and told her that he wanted to marry them, him and they lived happily.