Education Improve Your Self

Education Know Education language as a discipline, upbringing, but idiomatically it may many definitions; Kngveh human with all that is needed; flesh, and emotion, and spirit, and soul, and mind, or provide all the care of the human species since the early age years, or human repair and refine the behavior, and teaching good manners, human values, and make it a key part of his personality.

Education goals and characteristics Education is the most important and most sensitive processes, have been cared for by the reformers, and the great men who were able leadership of their people and their nations towards the Renaissance and upgrading.

Education of the processes that can not be handled without setting goals, and here it was to be determining educational goals, which means the changes to be set in a range of individual behaviors, and collective, are as follows: Take into account the basic needs of man and nature, and to be able to define the reservoir of creativity, and strengths.
To help meet the needs of society and realize their aspirations. Help determine the shape of the relationship between man and society, and all its associated habits, traditions, and heritage, and so on. Being able to identify the skills, cognitive aspects, habits, and other things that are meant in human development, and improve it. To act as directed for all those working in the educational field, and that you know to be on the roads for them to follow in their business. Be flexible, and susceptibility to modification in light of the numerous variables that occur in all areas of the various.

That a complementary and holistic view of the multiplicity of human relationships that it is linked. Self-education Since the individual is the cornerstone of society, and its nucleus, VFD had the greatest impact in Salah society to which he belongs, and this requires that there be the responsibility lying on the human individual; human being is responsible for himself first, and the search for the course the True, and walk it, finding good inside and development, then he is responsible for his community, and his country, and his nation, and his world. From here, the education, in part, subjective, as must every individual must first be convinced that he met for improvement, and the development and progress for the better, and that turns away as possible from the atmosphere of frustration, especially if the society is suffering from a severe despair as a result of the political situation, economic, and social deteriorating plaguing him, and that despair may cause general condition of the loss of self-confidence either, or the other, which will put sticks in the spokes of anyone seeking about evolution, and change. Also, the human responsibility to find his skills, and a citizen of excellence, and development, when a man preoccupied with what is useful, pulled away for the most part all the vices, and the trivial things, and became close to the production, of giving, tender, which will flare springs goodness in him, that the best faith, sincere work.