Donald Trump’s defeat in the battle of health care

Described US media reports, the withdrawal of the new Republican health care bill, presented by US President – elect Donald Trump, from Congress as the « setback ».

The «CNN» Network of America, it was due to members of the House of Representatives vote on the project, but the number of Republicans who have declared their opposition to him more than 30, prompting the President of the Council, Paul Ryan, to withdraw the bill minutes before the final vote on it.

The bill, if adopted, would be canceled health care bill , which holds former President Barack Obama’s name, known as « Obama Care« , and the withdrawal of the bill means the continuation of Obama ‘s law , which drew Trump was widely criticized for his administration.

The network said, it will be delayed because of the work of the project presentation on the introduction of amendments, which Stdh Monday after the return of the House of Representatives from the weekend and discuss new peeps and the amendments they wish to be included in the bill.

Said Trump commenting on the matter that he were surprised and disappointed to the opposition expressed by the bloc of freedom, a group of conservatives prevented Republicans from exploiting the majority of the Council to pass the legislation, adding: « was at hand, but I tell you that what will result is the best legislation, because it there were things in this legislation , I was not very impressive, and if the two parties could agree on a real health care , this is the best. » The Republican Party was a staunch opponent of Obama since Kiir declared seven years ago, as opposed to theidea of health care turned into a social service which is similar to the European way.

Reduce US foreign aid

criticized the magazine, Foreign Policy of America, in a report proposal for Trump to cut the US State Department aid by 28 percent, saying it was one of the most important Washington tools diplomacy, as the American power is not only in the military field , but in the field of non – military as well.

The report said that members of Congress, including from the Republican Party – the pro-Tramb- know it ‘s a bad idea, adding that there is a new plan to Congress in an attempt to grab the stick from the middle by reducing the percentage reduction to 10 percent.

He said that foreign aid is an important part of the peace, as it supports allies and undermine opponents, for example, Washington used a weapon when foreign aid provided to Ukraine and Georgia to respond to Russia.

He added that foreign aid is used to support the governments of Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon in different ways to help them confront the terrorists and the war on terrorism and to improve the refugee crisis , which had a major impact on the poorest countries in the region.

According to former US media reports, Egypt is not one of the countries that will reduce US foreign aid in the event of Congress to approve the cut.

She described the Foreign Policy proposal Trump to cut aid to « ridiculous », but the magazine expressed support for the directions of Congress to reduce the cuts if the inevitable, saying that « can foreign aid budget of 5 reduced to 10% without damaging influence of America in the world or harming allies. » 

Jewish lobby seeks to ignite the face of Trump and Iran

« The Hill » American magazine reported that the Jewish lobby led American Commission Israel Public Affairs « AIPAC » is currently seeking a rapprochement with US President Donald Trump, to pay to the issuance of legislation relating to Iran, and the two – state solution at the annual conference of the Lobby to be held on Sunday.

According to a report published by the magazine, the AIPAC , one of the most important Jewish pressure forces in the United States will also seek to re – win the support of Congress, which was affected to some extent under the era of former US President Barack Obama, who has approved a nuclear agreement with Tehran and world powers in 2015

The report quoted a senior official within AIPAC, saying that for resolving the Palestinian and Israeli states are preparing the lobby is to highlight his support for such a result « two – state solution », adding: « always talk about achieving peace through negotiations between the parties with a view to a two – state solution. »