Damage Fast Food

Fast Food

If we fought in the general concept of fast food as we find food attending and offering very quickly in public places, or are brought home. * Sold fast food restaurants, and shops, which are characterized by usually less quality, because they are saturated fats and oils, so have serious damage too.

Damage Fast Food 

  1. Fast food containing large amounts of fat , sugars and proteins, when eaten by the buyer accumulate in the body, which leads to a huge increase in weight and size.
  2. Fast food affects the genes responsible for obesity in individuals, and this in turn , obesity sometimes lead to the death of people living with them.
  3. Be fast food is often rigid and rigid; so working on atherosclerosis and heart disease, and infect individuals of cancer, as well as infect individuals ill with diabetes , especially when eating these meals with soft drinks.
  4. Fast food does not contain fiber and important minerals needed by the human body; where fast food leading to the injury of individuals anemia and anemia and high blood cholesterol, as well as diseases of the spine.
  5. Fast food affect children, and contribute to the occurrence of asthma as a result of free of vegetables, vitamins and fiber, these vitamins are essential in the regularity of the stomach and intestines in the discharge of their functions.
  6. Cause fast food food poisoning often, due to lack of cleanliness of food, and do not follow the foundations of proper food and standards in conservation, storage and production, the proportion of very high poisoning among diners fast food, and the cases of healing it is very rare often leads to death due to lack of giving them the necessary medical care.
  7. Fast food exposure of the individual to indigestion, and cause disease in the intestines and stomach, and lead to many severe ulcers and infections in the stomach as a result of eating the food very quickly.
  8. Fast food leads to irritation of the internal membranes of the digestive system, due to the presence of hot materials in the ingredients used in their preparation.
  9. Fast food lead to social damage contribute to the influence, as a result of lack of parents sitting and family together at one table.
  10. Tada fast food to economic damage; some families have become not only deal with fast food, and this led to the allocation of these meals financial expenses.
  11. The food rapid significant impact on brain chemistry in children, which contributes to the children are robbed of their will and their liberty, and affect children sluggishly mind, and the weakness of the mind ‘s ability to comprehend, and the laziness of the body, injury Petrhlat; becomes fast food they have , as usual addicted to it like smoke and drugs.
  12. Infect fast food individuals, especially children with mental illness Kalkhgel and frustration, as well as the addiction works to increase the severity of the heart , and as a result perturb the rate of sugar in the body , and they followed so sometimes human act ATTITUDE is unsatisfactory, and grainy by others as speed anger, irritability, sadness and depression , as well as the disposition of violent behaviors and fighter.
  13. An a lot of fast food by pregnant women to lead, newborn children with disabilities, and as a result that these meals are free of folate is important for the growth of embryos acid.
  14. Cause fast food at work to increase the sensitivity and the inability to stand in front of the diseases that can infect the human they affect immunity.