Canon 1200d application on Android

Payment of rapid technological development of many companies to look for new methods and techniques in order to advertising and publicity of their products, especially when we talk about companies that operate in the field of informatics, smart phones, cameras and other … Search know these companies are strong competition among them because of the rapid development he knows the field as well as user requirements in the modern era.

No doubt you have noticed a great demand for smart phones, especially by young people, where this device has become an integral part of everyday life for many people part, this is due primarily it offers distinctive services found fast enables the person to access and access to what it seeks very easy . This many companies working in the field of modern technology, as it has worked to create their own applications running on smart phones and tablet as well as on both the computer did not Thmlk. Among these companies that have been able to keep pace with this growing development, we find Canon recently introduced product for which description is very a success, we are talking here about Reflex Canon camera 1200d which has achieved great sales around the entire world figures, depending on the relationship between price and quality scale, and this The camera category addressed to the ordinary user was found welcoming and great demand. Among the new things added by the company on the product is easy to deal with this camera in their preparation and filming them, the company has worked to attach a formal application for the camera on the Android platform enables the user to learn how to use the camera as well as benefit from a range of lessons and tips in photography digital world.

The only disadvantage suffered by this application is the lack of a menu that allows the user to change the language by his country, Valttbaiq available a large number of languages, including Arabic, of course. In order that the application in Arabic must set the language of your smartphone on the Arabic language works with you and then open the application.

Overview of this free application for Canon own new camera Canon 1200d.

Highlighting the goal through the aperture when you open the application you will find a welcome for Canon image, there is a list at the top, when Fanha in front of you four main axes in each axis there is a group of sections will appear.

The four themes are as follows:

Learning: is explaining the basics of photography through video clips, exercises, hints explore castration and repair.
Discover: from which you’ll learn on the Canon camera 1200d using the buttons guide and quick access to the directory and discover compatible camera accessories.
Inspired ideas: You can be inspired by a lot of creative ideas with photographic challenges.
About the company: Of course, this axis is not of great importance, but it is important in case you want to send any official complaint or suggestion for the company directly.
What’s in the center of learning? When you penetrate this axis in front of you you will find the following sections:

Section start using the camera: In this section, you’ll learn to tweak the situation and choose how to use settings, each explanation is supported by an explanatory, including:

1. Intelligent Auto scene mode: The camera full control automatically analyzes the scene and adjust the optimal settings without any user intervention.

2. Turn off the flash mode: This mode is selected in the case if you want to deactivate the flash always, this mode will help you if you want to take pictures easily or keep natural light in the scene.

3. Creative Auto Mode: In this mode you can change the shape of the pictures without entering into technical details. It allows you to scroll the background noise surrounding the atmosphere that you want in your photos adjust videos, a good step and this is the first without the use of full automatic adjustment mode.

4. Main conditions of the region: There are situations in this region, especially the scenes so that the camera is automatically set up on specific targets.

5. The conditions of the creative region: When gaining more confidence in the use of the camera, allowing you the creative conditions of the region to control the images, where you can control the shutter speed, focus and brightness of images.

As this section also includes how to carry the camera so that you will learn how to carry the camera properly and what are the conditions of the parties to the photographer to focus on, such as: the status of the foot so that made the foot, which is based upon heading towards the target must be the other foot be heading away somewhat from the target to support and your position in the stand. And other situations that it finds in the directory.

Department of Exercise: In this section you will practice a variety of techniques in photography, beautiful in this section it is supported by illustrative images enough to understand all Altakinat before it, among them, for example, highlighting the goal: where you will learn that the background filled with detail to distract the attention and spent away target, but we can make the background blurry and focus attention on the items in the foreground using the focus surface. This is done by adjusting the lens aperture, which enters through which the light into the camera, which leads the use of a large aperture lens to restrict the focus on the surface area directly around the target size, and is this a good way for photos and personal pictures elements, when you want to attract attention to the target Make the background blurry. You’ll also find exercises on how to install motion, color accuracy, brightness control and keep the target within the scope of the focus.

Department of Educational Programs: You will learn how to handle the different targets by using the Canon camera 1200d, in the animated scenes, close-up photography, highlighting the goal, use your surrounding environment elements, sports competitions and wildlife macro and photography.

Problems pictures: All about the problems that you may experience during collages do work such as solving the most common problems among users images by blurry pictures, the lack of lighting in the pictures and the lack of images for the installation of dazzling Alhmab will learn it.

What’s in the center of Discover? In this axis will recognize the camera 1200d using the buttons guide and quick access to the directory and discover compatible camera accessories. In this axis, there are three sections, namely:

1. Identify the camera section: through a set of images that illustrate well the work of each button in the camera as well as front-end extensions, rear and side of the camera.

2. Department of camera accessories: which you’ll learn about it flashes compatible with Canon camera 1200d lenses, batteries, chargers, and remote control units and other accessories.

3. Department of evidence: a special full and comprehensive evidence of the Canon camera 1200d, but unfortunately, this guide is not available in Arabic.

What’s in the axis of inspiration? In this section, you will learn how to inspire ideas through the creation of customized by choosing a combination of daily goals and patterns of different photography photos challenges, Kalmzj between a scene in which combines the natural filming with night photography, filming a mountain at night, for example. And other ideas that you can blend with each other.

What’s in the Axis Company Profile? As I said this axis is not of great importance it shows you some statistics and information related to Canon company and its terms, the full terms. You can also Baath your comments about the product or communicate with the company through the available addresses in this axis, as well as access to the company ‘s channel on YouTube and its front page on Facebook .