Acne for oily skin naturally treat

Acne for oily skin naturally treat

  • You can treat acne by soaking camphor with paper water for a long time, and then keep the container located inside this plant is covered, in order to preserve the oils contained in these papers, and then filter these leaves, and add apple cider vinegar diluted honey to it, wash the affected area I love every day.
  • It is advised to use lavender essential oil; it helps to remove grain without causing inflammation; and this is done by this oil situation by one or two points on the grain.
  • Use cabbage mask, by taking a paper soaked cabbage, so after boiling water thoroughly, wash the face with daily. Or use garlic mask, where we cut the beads of garlic into many pieces, and then put them on the places of acne, and it must be done after consultation with a specialist situation, it can be used as chamomile mask, where is chamomile of the most herbs benefit to get rid of acne, job by boil herbs chamomile water for about half an hour, and then we liquidation, and use in washing the face and other areas, and frequently where acne.


The acne that affects teenagers in particular, a medical problem affecting a significant number of this class, is not limited to acne on the face, but can cover the chest, shoulders, and arms. And young people of both sexes to determine the type of skin they own, and to find out that can be used as a magnifying mirror quite clearly shows the composition and structure of the skin face, and can use a doctor or a specialist to determine your skin type.

Prevention of acne

  • Clean your skin daily with soap and acid Pfennig, or lactic acid, one of the most important ways of preventing acne, and if they prefer thick skin cleaned superficially, and should stop treatment if any allergy in the back of the skin .
  • The use of anti-acne medication, which can be obtained easily from pharmacies, in order to dry the excess juice Milkiness in the skin, that is done under the supervision of a physician.
  • Avoid using plastic powders frequently, work to remove these powders before bedtime.
  • Shower after exercise or other physical activities.
  • Consult a specialist doctor glands; he is the person who can accurately diagnose the situation, and give appropriate treatment.

The causes of acne

Medical studies have shown that acne is the first health problem that most high school students suffer, affecting their psychological state, and increases their anxiety and their stress, and affect thus academic achievement, and in addition to that love affects girls and their self – esteem, so you should stay away from the causes which may lead to the appearance of acne, and the reasons for his appearance:

  • Fatty substances produced by glands that abnormally.
  • The menstrual cycle in females.
  • Masturbation.
  • Excessive intake of fatty foods, chocolate , and soft drinkss.
  • Hormonal disorders.
  • Some products use cosmetics and make – up is clean, such as those placed experience in selling make – up stores.
  • Exposure to sunlight.
  • Anxiety and instability of the psychological state; where studies have shown that psychological factors working on skin irritation, and the occurrence of disturbances in hormones, which leads to increased fat in the skin face, caused by the appearance of acne, which is a chronic inflammation in the sebaceous glands in the skin, and it the psychological factor has a significant role in the appearance of acne, leaving scars and the effects of deformation on the skin.

Acne Treatment

It depends acne treatment on the injury stage; If the grain at the beginning of its appearance, the physician using the organization drugs to hormones the body, especially the androgen hormone responsible for increasing the sebaceous glands activity in the body has been recommended, as may the doctor using drugs that reduce activity of sebaceous glands are advised and can get rid of acne by:

  • Avoid stress primarily, as it greatly affects the appearance of granules and increasing, as well as reducing the work and effort times.
  • Stay away as much as possible for cosmetics, which works to increase the appearance of acne, are advised to avoid oils used to treat hair too.
  • Avoid touching the dimples on the face by the fingers, or squeeze to remove them from the pus; because it causes an increase in skin inflammation, and the worsening state of grain .
  • The use of cosmetic treatments, such as peeling skin by chemicals, under the supervision of a physician, and familiar with the history of the condition.
  • The use of topical treatments, such as the cholesterol that works on drying oils and juices Milkiness, and destroys the bacteria, and stimulate loss of dead skin cells. Lotions that do not require prescriptions to be soft in general, contain active substances, such as benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, Alrsortzinol, salicylic acid and lactic acid. These materials are effective when pimples are mild.

The most prone to acne categories

  • Young, male and female alike.
  • Women during the menstrual cycle, from two days to about a week before they occur.
  • pregnant women.
  • People taking certain medications, especially corticosteroids.

Myths about acne

  • Clean the skin strong works to remove fat, get rid of pimples, but in fact, the violent cleaning gives a feeling of skin clean and less greasy, but it actually hurts the skin’s natural balance, and stimulates the feeling of dryness debate on acne.
  • Blow up pimples works to hide them, and in fact remove pimples lead to cause scarring of the skin, and in the long term it is working to increase the situation worse.
  • Rinsing cream moisturizer for oily skin or infected acne is not recommended, and this is not true, and may lead to the creation of completely counterproductive. It is also recommended to choose low-fat cream, as part of the face and treat this problem.

Identification of skin type

To determine your skin type, find out how to deal with them must follow these steps:

  • Hopes the case of skin health and put them through a magnifying mirror; the mirror reveals the smallest defects that can skin they contain, whether ample pores, or there were black heads, or some wrinkles appeared, or freckles on the face.
  • Use a tissue to detect endocrine skin activity; When put on your face for a few seconds, then pressuring it on your nose and forehead, and then check the napkin; it contains oils or some fat, it means that there are some glands in your skin is working above its capacity and energy, but if this somewhat dirty handkerchief, this is proof that Gddk is working properly, sound and healthy, but if the paper is completely clean without stains, it means that your skin is oily, and the oil is not required degree.

Healthy nutrition to keep the skin

  • It recommends reducing food products that contain large amounts of sugar, such as cakes, pastries, ice cream, pastries, and materials that rely primarily on white flour, such as biscuits, white bread, sweet and hydrogels, and the like.
  • Reduce sugary drinks are recommended, such as cola, fruit juice, drink regular water instead.
  • Is advisable to avoid eating nuts, as they contain large amounts of fat and salt.
  • It recommends reducing milk and milk products of different consumption.