12 amazing fact about the United States President of Donald Trump

1. Donald Trump suffered from bankruptcy four times:

Donnelad Trump did not suffer from bankruptcy personally, but several affiliated companies in four different occasions may go bankrupt.
« Trump Taj Mahal » in 1991 and « Trump Plaza » in 1992, has been re – organized in hotels called Casino and Trump. Then came this company for bankruptcy again in 2004 and was re – named « Trump Entertainment » in 2009 during the global economic recession, Trump has announced the bankruptcy of this company for the fourth time later.

2. Trump was rumored that he had a relationship with « Anna Nicole Smith »:

Trump married « Ivana Zelnickova Winklmayr », former model in 1977 and separated in 1991. Then he married later Marla Maples «  » in 1993, which had a child from them. Between the periods of his marriage is said to be a promising crossbar «  » Anna Nicole Smith. There are pictures of them together, but their relationship were not more than just a passing relationship.

3. Trump has not mastered the art of deals, but also lawsuits:

The only thing that Donald Trump is the most beloved of the « twisting and turning » is the establishment of lawsuits, he had filed a suit against the owner of the New York Times « Timothy O’Brien ». In 2015 Trump raise a lawsuit against « Univision » because she refused to broadcast beauty queens is represented by contests because of statements he had made about the Trump illegal immigrants. And other lawsuits.

4. Trump refrain completely from alcohol:

While many casinos and hotels Donald Trump overflowing alcoholic drinks, Mr. Trump insists not to indulge in it. And not only that he does not drink alcohol, but also said he had never drink at any time throughout his life. The reason behind this is that his older brother had been suffering from alcoholism for years before his death, has warned « Fred Trump » – the elder brother of Donald Trump – the little not end up as the solution to his brother. Thus, Trump does not avoid alcohol only, but also does not smoke or take drugs.

5. Donald Trump is best known for his platform TV show « The Apprentice – The Apprentice »:

Trump became a star as well as an executive director of the program « The Apprentice – The Apprentice » on NBC television network, was already rich; it has received an amount of about $ 375,000 for each episode of the program. The main principle of the program includes the contestants attempt to earn a place in one of the many Trump institutions. Trump was probably happy because he did not listen to his agent’s advice at that time. It advised him not to do the program, « The Apprentice » because of the TV business did not bring success never. Trump expelled his agent shortly after the appearance of the program on the scene.

6. The Trump shaved head « Vince McMahon » owner of the WWE wrestling company:

During the « Battle Almilyardirien » chose both « Trump and McMahon » player for diving in the wrestling circuit. The two bet that losing his representative will have to shave his head. Donald Trump won the representative of the competition. Thus, it has helped to shave the head of MacMahon. This was not the only communication between Trump and WWE has been seen among the public in many competitions.

7. Trump claims that he has never used and that the ATM card:

Some may be surprised, but when it comes to banking transactions, the Trump assigns it to his aides and accounting for the interest in this kind of things. He used to go to the bank to withdraw large sums of money, and it seems to have his own way to keep money in his possession.

8. Donald has a star on the Hollywood celebrity in the corridor:

After the success of the TV show  » The Apprentice » Donald Trump won a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star was unveiled on January 16 , 2007.
Donald Trump is the second person in history has a celebrity star in thecorridor and become president of the United States after Ronald Reagan.

9. Trump owned the former football team:

In 1983 he bought Trump’s football team paid 9$ million, and this was the team part of the American Football League while later became one of the best teams in the league.

10. Donald Trump fanatic means of social communication:

Donald Trump likes to keep in touch with the media, specifically Twitter. It has been reported that he is writing about 372 tweets per month, which is equivalent to 12 tweets a day! It is also prominent in other social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Vine, and no doubt the use wiz means of social networking played such a key role in the political success.

11. Trump owned an apartment 14,000 when he was aged 27:

It assumed that Trump had borrowed from his father million dollars to start its projects. Eventually he built the Trump Organization and its own management, which later turned into an empire. In 1973 when he was aged 27, owned a real estate giant that about 14,000 apartments which was broken down between Staten Island, Queens, and Brooklyn.

12. Donald Trump owned his own game:

Trump was a « game » has its own painting since the eighties of the last century, the smallest category of money in this game was $ 10 million, the game is the original tablet appeared in 1989 and was manufactured by « Milton Bradley. » After 50 years, then modified version of this game. The new version contains the phrase « I went back and You’re Fired » was like a game of « Monopoly », but they take a shorter time to play. The expelled you can use paper « Donald » to return to the game. The goal of this game was, of course, your ability to get the largest possible amount of money.